August 27, 2012

* Would you believe .....

I have bronchitis.  Felt a twinge Saturday afternoon, by Sunday morning I knew I was sick, and Sunday night was the night from hell.  Up all night coughing.  I couldn't believe how fast it happened.  Just add water and stir = instant sickie situation.  Dr. today.  Antibiotics this afternoon, hopefully a better sleep tonight.

In the art department of Quinta da Luz, nothing much happened.  I am catching up on some mail though.  In fact, some went into the mail today - sorry Katie - you are not one of them. :o(  I'm beginning phase II though - so you are at least next.

Have I told you about my Saturday's?   Good day, Saturday.  I get up at 7:00 am, put the coffee on, put Habibi out and crawl back into bed with a steaming cup of French roast.  I pretend I'm in Paris.  At 8:00 am, I arise from my bed, strip it and put everything in the washing machine.  Usually rummage around sniffing the wind for food and end up eating freshly picked papaya. Everything I need for arting, including my computer, is packed into a little bag.  Habibi and I go to the studio.  He goes first so we know where we are, and no one falls downstairs.  Habibi's happy, he gets to sit out on the studio terrace.  (Better views of what's going on than courtyard walls).  About 9:15 the doorbell rings.  It's the three women who clean my house.  Yes, that's right, three. Fondly known as "Upstairs/Downstairs".  These wonderful women whip into their routine that is down pat by now.  Marta comes upstairs with me.  I stay sitting at my table, trying my best to stay out of her way.  About 10:00 am the Senora de las flores rings the door bell.  By the time I answer the door she is heaving a huge tub of flowers from her shoulders down to the sidewalk.  We greet each other with great big smiles, and I say "Senoria de las flores" in an animated tone.  She giggles and I pick out the flowers.  I put them in water.

At 12:00 noon Marta (upstairs) Rosario and Stephanea bid me a warm farewell.
I come down stairs to a house that is shining, windows washed, fresh sheets. I'm a happy camper.  I turn my attention to the flowers.  "Sigh - must have flowers" I mutter to myself.  The cobalt vase comes out, gets filled with water, and I begin to arrange.  I smile.  The flowers are so fresh and beautiful.  "No, perhaps this red carnation should go right here."  My mind mutters and I putter 'til the flowers are just right.  Then they are placed where I can see them from all angles.  I smile.  How blessed am I.

After a little bite to eat I head back up to the studio, where I spend the rest of my day in pure bliss.

I haven't done much in my Book of Days lately.  I'm thinking about binding what I have and starting a third volume which would contain the rest of the years entries.  Looking back on some of the spreads made me smile.  I hope I haven't posted this before.  My little Pixy Garden Angel.  I like her.  I love her wings.

That's all for today folks.  The beginning of a new week during which I am hoping this bronchitis will be healed.  I won an original Natasha May painting of Frida Kahlo which made me happy. 

Hoping you are all geared up for a wonderful week.  Thanks for all your lovely comments and for those of you who drop by to have a lookie lou I adore lookie lous!

Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.

Has anyone else 'fallen in love' working with the new interface Blogger has developed.  I'm not sure I totally understand it.  Somehow tonight, I pushed a now unknown button and permanently lost my list of blogs which I follow.  I know I have you all on my reading list - but geeeeesh, it's going to be a pain to establish it again. I'd love to hear what you all think about the new interface.  Thanks


  1. so sad you have bronchitis! Your Saturday sounds delightful. Your artwork is terrific. I hope you will sleep well tonight. Now i am off to visit the beavers 3 or 4. the other Donna

  2. I'm sorry about the bronchitis, I hope you feel better soon. Your Your Saturdays sound full and wonderful, and with Habibi I am sure you have some great moments.
    Love the bouquet-beautiful.


  3. Happy for your wonderful Saturday but so sorry for the bronchitis. Hope the meds work fast. Would love for three ladies to appear at my door and work their magic...and bring beautiful flowers too. Wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of time to create your beautiful art.

  4. Oh no Donna, So sorry to hear you have bronchitis. The thought of getting sick scares me to death, my hubby could not survive it, seriously
    he couldn't.
    On another note it sounds like you do have a wonderful life. playing in your studio and having someone else clean those windows, sure bliss!!!
    Feel better soon hon!
    hugs Lynn

  5. Hope you soon feel better Donna. Love the sound of your Saturday, though - send those ladies over here when they are finished. Yes, the flower lady, too! Hugs, Valerie

  6. What an awesome day to look forward to. If only I had cleaning ladies coming I'd sing all day... no melodies on this end! :) I hope the bronchitis doesn't get terribly bad. No fun. Catching up after being gone for 8 days in Santa Fe. I miss is already. Do feel better.