October 19, 2012

* Back at the Easel

I think Freedom was becoming quite bored just sitting on the easel doing nothing.  Tonight she is looking and feeling a little better.  :o)

I spoke with the eye specialist today.  He is quite baffled as my tests are all very good - no plaque or calcium or lack of flow in my arteries.  Blood work all normal.  He wants to meet with another specialist over the weekend to go over my case.  I won't have a final prognosis until Monday night.  I'm so grateful there is nothing major wrong to cause this, oddly enough I'm almost doing the happy dance.  I can see enough to paint, and I think my eyes will adjust.  I'm working with my naturopath with herbs and acupuncture - so who knows?  Other people heal from strokes - why not me.  In the meantime, I am so happy happy happy nothing else is wrong!

That being said -- here is a peek at my latest work on Freedom.

Still lots to do, however, she's coming along.

Thanks for dropping in my Lovely's.  I've been very busy with appointments so haven't been to visit you lately - - I will get there hopefully this weekend.  Take care, be happy - life is short, so have some fun.  One never knows what's going to happen next.  

I'm alive. Breathing on my own. With the ability to hear, speak, taste, touch, see and think clearly... all on my own. I am sane and in good health with lovely caring friends. And I fix to my lips to complain about...what?! A little loss of vision?????  I'm changing my perspective to one of gratitude on a more regular basis.  I'm going back to my gratitude journal.  More Thank You's, less Bitching.  I am.  Yes, I am.


  1. She is developing really well, just beautiful. Glad you are working on her again! Hope you get more positive news from the docs on Monday!! Big hugs, Valerie

  2. Good news from the docs and I'm sure more will come Monday, Donna! Freedom is looking positively marvelous!

  3. Encouraging health news... now to improve with the symptoms. I love the detail in the dove, and the floral piece for the head covering. Keep on keeping on!

  4. I'm so glad to hear its nothing major. Hopefully some natural things will work.
    Your painting coming along quite nicely. Shes beautiful.
    hugs Lynn

  5. Great news from the Doctor...and Freedom looks much more contented too :D XXX

  6. I am happy for you too. :) I'm glad you're back to painting. She looks better every time. :)