October 23, 2012

* Freedom is off the Easel

I thought Freedom was complete last night.  I brought her downstairs and put her on the mantle.  She wasn't finished.  I've spent all morning and half the afternoon on details.  They all want details. :o) For some reason I find her so different than the rest.  Perhaps because she looks so young to me.  She did say that Freedom was a fairly new concept in the world - so she was in fact young.  Also told me I take Freedom for granted as I was born to it.  Not everyone is so fortunate.  True. 

It's quite difficult to get a good photograph because of all the gold metallic I use - so I've made you some detail shots below.

Since one of the birds was offering her a heart (symbol of love), because they were so happy not to be in a cage.  Since 'love was in the air' I couldn't resist putting small hearts in the sky to take the place of stars.

It's that 'time inbetween' again.  Time when I am restless and I don't know what's coming next.  I'll be happy when something surfaces.

So my sweets, thanks so much for coming over.  Too bad I couldn't offer you a virtual Sangria.  It's a gorgeous sunny day here, 73 degrees F. at the moment.  A tall cool one on the terrace would be perfect.  I've really enjoyed my day so far.  Hope you are having a good one too.  xoxo Donna

Run without a destination, and you'll finally see, what freedom can be.


  1. I love love love all the extra detail done.. She sings freedom.

  2. She turned out fabulous! I really love the rich colors you use. :)

  3. Yvonne has the same word I did when seeing this- stunning! Love your color sense, and the details are, well, stunning.

  4. It is all in the details Donna. I spy that tiny earring shes wearing and the colorful birds are the perfect finishing touch.
    hugs Lynn

  5. This is a beautiful painting.All your extra details added to the perfection.

  6. Donna, she is so beautiful. I love the colors and those birds. I am completely in love with your paintings. You have such a gift my dear.

  7. I dont want a virtual Sangria I want a real one !!!! on YOUR balcony 1. She is amazing, so serene, beautiful and peaceful, I love the little bird and how he gazes up at her. The little hearts are so pretty.