November 2, 2012

* A little more detail ...

I have friends here from 'beige land', as one of them refers to nob.  :o)  Yesterday we enjoyed the artisans market, then went out for a lovely comida at a restaurant called Ole Ole - which as you may guess is all about bull fighting.  A fabulous collection of vintage posters and autographed matador photographs.  The food?  Excellent.  The wine?  Lovely.  The company?  So very enjoyable.

Today I worked in Searching for a short while.

Thanks for stopping by.  It's good to see you getting better, Valerie!  Take care, all of you.  xoxo Donna

Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.
Marquis De Condorcet


  1. Sounds like you had a super duper day yesterday, Donna! Searching is looking wonderful!

  2. Searching is looking great. So happy that you are back are a great painter. Sounds like you had a great time with your friends

  3. Dinner with friends visiting awesome... but OMG vintage bullfighting posters TO DIE FOR!. Keep that detail going she just gets better and better.

  4. Well Donna, now I see where you get some of your inspiration from. What a fun place full of color and great things to see. Nothing better than a day with friends, fine food wine and conversation. pure bliss.
    hugs Lynn

  5. How lovely to spend your time with friends like that. :) Great photos and I love your goddess's progress. :)

  6. I so enjoy watching your Goddesses grow. I am the kind of person who has get everything done in one sitting...impatient for layers to dry. Maybe I should learn fron you and give my pieces time to breathe occassionally. Gorgeous Goddess :D XXX