December 15, 2012

* 'Twas the mess before Christmas

and all through the house - unfinished projects lay still as a mouse ....!  Need I say more.  As you may know, my house is 'cottage size'.  Getting one thing out of place is bad enough, however when the clutter begins to spread I want to scream.  Somehow, things are a little out of control.  I'm preparing for a little party which seems to have morphed into a soiree I might have created in the old days when I had the help of a husband.  I do get carried away creatively, and keeping it simple .... well, lets just say that's not simple for me.  :o)

I know everything will turn out in the end.  Just because I have an under the counter fridge, instead of a large fridge and separate freezer as I did in the old days - doesn't mean I can't pull this off.  No.  it.  doesn't.  I just haven't quite figured out how to keep everything fresh for two days ... the food for Christmas Eve day and the food for Christmas dinner.  Never mind ... things do seem to have a way of working themselves out, and I'm sure I will, in the end, come up with some creative solutions.

In the meantime, my kitchen -- well let's not even talk about the mess in the kitchen.  The living room is strewn with leftovers from making decorations.  My studio ... not even sure what happened there.  It suddenly just went out of control ... all on it's own.  I swear!

Studio Chaos.  Oh My!
It all seemed to spread to the downstairs living area ...
This weekend I must try and get my head around this whole thing.  Make lists, delegate certain tasks to certain days.  Fresh chicken for Christmas dinner .... hamburger for chile - was going to do that the day before Christmas eve, however the rental tables are arriving so I'll have to be here .... hmmmmm.  As Miss Scarlet used to say ... I'll think about that tomorrow.  

Nite nite all of my friends in blog land.  Hope you are feeling calmer and more organized than I am.  :o)  Perhaps a little cognac ... Papa always recommended a sip or two of that when stressed.

Everything will soon be back to normal and under control.  Thanks for dropping by.

“It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order - and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order” Douglas Hostadt


  1. I love these photos Donna! My little condo looks just like this...a Christmas~art mess in every possible space! But that's what makes me feel festive! I'm in a Christmas card frenzy! Watch your mailbox...and have fun...of course your party will be FAB ! xo Jane

  2. I think messes and Christmas go together. I hope you have wonderful Christmas festivities with your friends.

  3. A genius should not be worried about chaos! It all looks very cozy! Hugs, Valerie

  4. ha! just the subject line cracked me up right away! That's some seriously fun chaos Donna! You're awesome!

  5. Oh, Donna, I laughed... because I get it so well! Why does it seem to take no time at all to make the mess and forever to get things organized again... oh, well, it's life and especially, it's Christmas. Your lucky guests are in for a treat!! Have a blast and..... don't forget to.... breathe......

  6. You are so right, it all turns out in the end, Donna! ENJOY!

  7. love your blog and am now following via gfc.

  8. Lol! Take it easy, Donna. All will be well. I love your mess. :)

  9. Oh wow, what a beautiful mess you've made Miss D. Have a wonderful time at your party.
    Wish I could drop in and share some laughs and a nice hot drink with you.


  10. Oh, did I tell you that I love your new header?


  11. You are not alone! However, take heart. We are going to give you four more days. I'm confident you will make best use of them and the chaos will be tamed in time to party! Enjoy yourself and be merry.

  12. Lol !!!!!Your chaos looks quite tidy to me !!!!!! I think all the fun of Christmas anyway is the mess and am sure your soiree will be worth it ! Sounds like you are going to have a blast and I wish I was invited. Have fun, take care and thank you so much for your visits its always lovely to hear from you xxx