January 19, 2013

* In the Studio Today

I enjoyed working with my lovely lady today. She is a delight. Not telling me her name though. Today she asked for a gold ring with a ruby in it - square, surrounded by gold, to fit her second finger. I'm workin' on it. Here to oblige you know. Obviously she is from a fairly well to do family. Here is the progress made today.

Yes, she has a pet parot who's name I have not been informed of yet.  They like to tease each other.  

A long way to go on this painting yet.  Having never painted calla lilies before - believe me it's a challenge to get the shadows and shading right so they will show up.  All the same colouring.  I'e got them blocked in.  Tomorrow I will work with them.

Tomorrow is another day - we will see what happens.  Thanks for the visit and your wonderful comments.  It's still chilly here - I've resorte to my flannel sheets tonight.  :o)  Be well, and be happy.  Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to tomorrow.



  1. She gets more beautiful from day to day! Wish I could say the same about myself...Have fun, hugs, Valerie

  2. awww, now the jewels are coming out! Fabulous, Donna!

  3. She is beautiful.
    I think ALL flowers are hard to paint! ha! Yours are coming along great. :0) have fun inthe studio.

  4. Love all the red in this, so of course it had to be a ruby!