February 15, 2013

* A couple of things ...

I've been working on this Frida Nicho for months. Not really. I did the entire first step in a day, didn't like it, and it's been sitting there for months waiting for something inspiring to happen. Nothing has come to me. Today in desperation, I dropped alcohol ink everywhere and covered it all with a gloss glaze, put some white roses in the case with Frida, and I'm calling it a day. Not one of my favorite pieces, however, it is out of the way .... finally. I made a folded contraption out of a large envelope, covered it in pretty paper which left 3 pockets to fill. It's to one of my mail art friends, so I wrote a letter, made two tags, one shrine, popped in a pretty paper sack, wrapped it up so it looked like an ordinary letter, and totally forgot to take photographs for the blog! RATTS! How am I supposed to keep you entertained if I keep this up. Here's my attempt at
Frida's Nicho.

And here's the folded contraption.  It was actually fun to make and the tags and shrine I made to put in it were more fun.  Sadly, you will never see them.  :o)

That's all for today my Lovlies.  Thanks for the answers I received about yesterday's blog.  I have learned even more, and believe me, I think it's imperative I get a watermark which is not easily removed.  I'll be working on that.  In the mean time - try and have some fun and do something crazy.  I am in need of craziness these days myself.  Any bright ideas?  Take care.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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