March 23, 2013

* Know Thyself

Today, M'lady and I chatted, and chatted some more. She informed me the painting is set in the Autumn ... the end of Autumn. The harvest is in, the world is slowing down, and she wears her favorite warm shawl, made for her by her mother, when she has quiet time in the garden. The leaves, except for a few, have left the tree, and inside, m'lady feels like it's time to withdraw, go within, and do quieter things for the winter. The hustle and bustle of spring is over, the fun and frolic of summer, the work of the fall ... all done. Now it's time to "Know Thyself". She informed me this is what the painting is to be called.

 "Life has changed incredibly in the last century, my dear, she confided. The world has sped up to fast forward and no one seems to think spirit and soul are important anymore. Well, of course some do, but so many have no idea how important it is to grow into spirit during this life time. That is why we are all here." I agreed. That was about as far as we got today.

 I was tired for some reason and didn't paint as long as I usually do. She is quite put off with me because I left her faceless.  She is a woman of substance.  A wise woman whom I sure can share much of her wisdom with all of us.

A little close up so you can see the colours I'm using.

Hope you all had a lovely Saturday.  Thanks for the visit.  So many of you drop by, you have me talking to myself now.  And just to be polite, of course I have a sangria with each of you!  Come again soon.

“What you love is a sign from your higher self of what you are to do.” 
― Sanaya Roman

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