March 25, 2013

* Quite a Day ....

Yes, indeed, we had quite a day. I have never really had toooooo much of a problem painting just about anything, but this little kitty on her knee, this tiny wee CAT, this .... this .... stubborn little feline .... WELL! She simply will not be painted. We have been at loggerheads all day. I've painted 'big cats' (lynx) before and had no problem ... but ... but this little thing? Well, there are no words printable to describe our struggle. So, she is being left to sit there today and we will see what transpires manana.

We are making progress though. M'lady was sharing some interesting bits about her history today --- a long line of gypsy's who over many many years made their way to the mediterranean from high up in Turkey. Her family, over the years made it's way to Italy and now she feels she has roots in that country.

Many little details to work out ... and of course, the dear little kitty.

Thanks for popping in my beauties.  It's a beautiful day here - hope things are warming up wherever you are.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. – Confucius


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