March 14, 2013

Thinking of Ganesh

Some people call him Ganesha, I prefer Ganesh which I have always called him.  He is probably my favorite Hindu diety, but then I love Saraswati too. When I left Canada, I had to leave my three foot bronze statue of Ganesh behind. I miss him. He is well known as the Remover of Obstacles, and generally known as Lord or Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles, both of which I need at the moment. He is also a patron of the Arts and Sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. Good stuff, right? So, I thought I'd try a painting. Yes, it was a surprise to me to, this  morning I had no idea that's what I was going to do. Now I have a canvas with the first block in. See what you think - I promise it will improve!

No one has spoken to me.  I'm not sure about the woman - she is wearing a saree, however perhaps it's me as I've always LOVED sarees!  Who knows, perhaps they will speak to me tomorrow.  They did tell me the colours they wanted.  Ganesh was very adement he did not want to be grey!  So, obviously he's not.  :o)

It's cold here is Mexico today.  We are not amused.  We are having to wear sweaters and drink chocolate calliente (hot chocolate).  I've been out this afternoon sitting directly in the sun to feel it's warmth.  I think it might carry on like this for the rest of the week.

Well - do hope you are into lots of mischief and having fun. I'm really enjoying what's happening on your blogs these days.  Always fun to see the surprises.  Thanks for dropping in.  No sangria today -- too cold.  Come again though - I promise to make you some.

Wishing you Happines as big as Ganehsji’s appetite, Life is long as his trunk trouble as small as his mouse and moments as sweet as his laddus.  

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