April 7, 2013

* And then there was four ....

My last canvas, yet again! Alas, and it's Sunday - can't even go to the art store. What's a girl to do. I must amuse myself with other ventures, but I find myself not so interested in doing to. Once I get going perhaps. I have many ideas churning in my head. There's a new girl on the block today. "Matilda". She's off to the fair. I grouped them all together for a photograph so you could see my
first attempts ever at Whimsey!

Here's Matilda on her own.  She was quite put out I would not at least give her her due - after all she is hot off the press today and she wants to celebrate.  Do you think I should let her go to the fair by herself looking like that???

A new week tomorrow.  Didn't that just happen seven days ago.  I can't keep up.  Our clocks in Mexico go ahead one hour this weekend.  I almost forgot 'til I looked at my computer.

Thanks for dropping in and leaving your lovely comments.  I do appreciate it so very much.  It's like being connected in a special way.  Hope you  are having a great weekend.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
― Rumi


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