April 6, 2013

* Back at the Easel

Had to go and purchase a couple of canvas. Simply couldn't wait. Anyway, we found out that with my discount at the art shop, the carpenters small canvas are more expensive, so they have been cancelled and large ones ordered. I don't know if this little painting is complete or not. I will probably know tomorrow when I look at it again. His name is "The Wise Old Man of Pay's Hay Farm".

Hope you are all having a very lovely weekend whatever you may be doing.  Information for Valerie ... with Global Climate Change well under way, we had winds today which hit a record high and took the temperature to a record low.  My lips turned blue walking three doors down to the tienda.  Aren't you glad you are not here!  ;o)  I would of course send my private jet for you as I'm sure it will clear in a day or two.  Unfortunately, all flights are grounded at the moment.  'sigh'

Take care.  Do lots of creative stuff.  Have fun.  Can't wait to see your next creations.  


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