April 18, 2013

* Internet Down ...

For SIX entire days! Talk about feeling disconnected. When my internet goes down, my vonnage phone goes down. Such a wonderful feeling. It's back up and running now - so that's what counts. A quick block in today. Don't know where this one is coming from, or where it's going. I do know it's called, "The Gift of Ancient Wisdoms". The bird, of course, representing the Universal Knowledge that is within us all. An interesting painting for me - more to come as it progresses.

Then, just before my internet faded into the ethers, Carolyn wrote and said "Love your spirit dolls.  Think you should make journals to match."  What a good idea, I thought.  Raced upstairs to the studio and began a journal.

Well, I do now have one copic bound journal to match one spirit doll, however have decided it's far too much work when I'm trying to do so many other things.  I'm like that --- let's do it all.  No problema!  Well it is a problema .. I get into a state now.  So this is it, the one and only Journal and Doll that match.  (Good idea though, Carolyn!)

90 degrees here today - Habibi and I are living with a water spritzer in my hand.  He loves it.  Wags his tail when I come with it.  It certainly keeps us refreshed!

Thanks so much for dropping by.  I'll be getting around to visit you all hopefully tomorrow.  Thanks for all your concern about where I had disappeared to.  It's comforting someone notices I'm not showing up!  :o)  Take care and thanks for your wonderful comments.

"Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth."


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