April 29, 2013

* A Lady's Diary, ready to rock ...

If someone wants a very feminine book to write in - this is it.  I plan to put more glitter here and there on the pages I have done on the inside. Every ten pages or so, I tried to put a little perk in so the book wasn't sterile inside. Glitter will 'kick it up a notch' -- I'm big on that these days. BRraahahahahah! The front has lots of glitter around the flowers. It's a clear glitter and gives more of a sparkle than colour so you may not be able to see it too well. Diamond glaze went on the title and pearls were added to the middle of each flower. Lots of ribbons and I moved the crystal and pearl charm closer to the bottom of the rings. Seems to like it better, so here we go ...

I've got it sitting on the paper a little crooked -- however --- these are my new business cards.  All pertinent information on the reverse side.  Over the coming months, prints, and cards will become available to buy on the blog.  Don't rush me.  :o)  Lots to do yet.  

My lovely ladies - you are my treasures.  The comments you leave sometimes bring a tear to my eye, and often make me smile.  I am grateful for you and all those following me on this journey.  Thanks for stopping in.  Do wish it could be in person.  That Sangria is pretty good on a hot day.  :o)  Thank you for being you.

The heart and soul of blogging is the individual and/or the group of individuals opining on the fly and responding post-haste to one and all.
Michael Conniff


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