April 10, 2013

* More Spirit Dolls ...

I'm taking a break from painting, not only because I am out of Canvas(!), but because I want to get some product ready for the next tourist season artisan fairs. Right now I'm doing a few spirit dolls - then I'll take a break and do a few journals etc. A little painting in between, however I'm having prints etc. made - so it all takes time and $$$. Here's today's little doll - she's lovely and almost a little fragile. I believe all these dolls are guardians of our creativity and inspiration. They are infused with that spirit as
I work on them.

She was very difficult to photograph - I hung her in a tree, on the wall, on a ladder, inside the house - nothing really did her justice - so use your imagination.  She's very feminine and delicate and wonderful.

Now, take your pick - I couldn't decide!

Also, Matilda has been whining.  Simply wouldn't stop.  Says she looks like a goat and she's not going to the fair looking like a goat. I had to do some adjustments and she's happier, although not thrilled.  She has chosen, however, to go to the fair because she loves her flowers.

That's it for today.  Forgive me if I haven't made all the rounds to your blogs yet - this internet has been up and down like a yo yo -- very very annoying!  

Thanks again for visiting.  Gotta make a new batch of sangria - you folks sure do enjoy it. :o)  Take care and create something wonderful.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein


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