April 22, 2013

* Passing on Goddess Wisdom

Not too long ago while I was painting, words began to form in my mind. Naturally I grabbed a pen and wrote them down. I will share them with you. This painting is connected to those words. Actually, all of my paintings of the Iconic Women are connected to these words.  In ancient times Women were revered for their sacred knowledge. This painting is about just that. Passing that sacred ancient knowledge on to the women of this world, at this time. It is needed more than ever now.

The painting itself is not quite complete, however I will share it with you in order that you will understand the automatic writing which came to me.  First the painting.  The ancient knowledge here being represented by the gift of the bird.

Now for the writing which came to me a couple of weeks ago.  I believe it refers to all the women who have come through me on to 
the canvas.

"Step into the world of Goddess Wisdom.   Divine feminine wisdom which lies deep within in each of us. The wisdom from ancient times before we existed. It is simplicity at its best.  This knowledge will unlock many doors if we but listen.  My journey with these women has been an exceptional one, a privileged one, and dare I say a divine one.  They carry knowledge of the Universe which was implanted into our ethers long before we appeared in the flesh.  It may be a long time since we’ve been in touch with this part of ourselves.  It’s time to reconnect.  It’s time to acknowledge our power as women.  It’s time to reclaim it and move forward in ways which will benefit not only ourselves, but the world. We are preparing to move into the 5th dimension.  The tipping point must be met - the 100th monkey syndrome.  It is part of the awakening of the earth. Time for us to dig deep, find and reclaim our sacred right to be exactly who we are, and to allow that light to shine out into the world in these times of great change. We are here by choice.  We are the privileged  ones.  Each of these women shares their messages.  Listen.  They speaking of the same knowledge which exists in us.  Dig deep.  Find it.  Use it.  Put it back to the world.  This knowledge is a sacred gift to us from the Universe. Using it and sharing our light with those on the planet at this time, is our gift to the universe."

Thanks so much for popping by, my lovlies.  Always delighted to read your comments.  Another sangria day in Mexico - 90 degrees, however nice and cool on my covered terrace with the ceiling fan.

“Carry on the Flame to a new dawn I am with you.
~the Goddess of the Stars and the Sea” 
― Jodine Turner, The Keys to Remember


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