May 27, 2013

* A little Gypsy in my soul ...

Gypsy's have always fascinated me. Always. Before I knew what they were I was in love with them. Traveling in Europe I was exposed to them and I loved them more. So, somewhere, deep inside, I must have a little of that, whatever it is, in me. I'm making myself some, what I call at least, Gypsy Jewels.

 I completed the necklace today and will make earrings and a bracelet. Here is the necklace. It's made to go with an orange dress.

I've collected bits and pieces forever.  The little tea cup came in a bag of goodies from a garage sale.  The beautiful millefiori beads from Italy are vintage.  So I thought, why would I not make something for myself to wear.  Especially as there is a birthday party coming up.  I tend to never think about doing nice things for me - although I am trying hard to put more intention in that area.

I've begun the bracelet, however it's not complete.  Maybe manana.

Thanks for dropping by for a look.  It is appreciated.  Take care.

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