May 8, 2013

* more journal covers ...

Digging through my stash again today and came upon all the lovely sequin things you can purchase here. I keep a little box of emergency gifts, but in this case, the emergency being my surgery, I took them all out and made journal covers. I still have to go an purchase some more paper before they can be bound, however the
covers are completed.

They are all small journals the largest being 5 X 7, the others a little smaller.

I think they will be fun when they are complete.

It's quite warm here.  90 degrees.  Nice in the morning, however in the afternoon I have all the fans on in the studio and the curtains drawn to keep el sol out.  Did I tell you I have a fridge upstairs now?  YES!  A friend of mine needed a new one, so she gave me this one.  It's an under the counter size.  Just right for keeping 'bottled water'.  :o)

Thanks for stopping in today.  Hope all is well with you and you're havin' fun.

“It is only those who never do anything who never make mistakes.”  ~A. Favre


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