June 15, 2013

Experimenting with scraps and going organic ...

Happy Father's  Day, Papa.  You carried me for a long time.  Miss you so very much.  Sending lots of love.  (Our little family).

There is a little shop in town called Abrazos (hugs) which sells absolutely incredible textile goodies, all made from scratch. Lately, the owner has been selling scraps. All you can stuff in a large bag for about $8.00. I couldn't resist. I trotted right in and started stuffing. I was excited, as I usually am when thinking about cloth, of any kind, scraps or otherwise. So, I stuffed my little bag full and trotted off home to see what could be done. I haven't played very much as yet, however, I did attempt a card. I think with a little practice and more imagination they could be quite
stunning.  Here's my first attempt.

First attempt
I applied golden matt medium to the scraps and a piece of heavy card stock and placed the fabric in random fashion.  Let it dry.  Used a couple of coats of paper glaze to give it a little shine and let it dry.  Cut a piece just a little smaller than 5x7, rounded the corners and mounted it on red card stock.  Next time I will try ironing the scraps using spray starch to see if I get a nicer finish.

Cut out a small portrait of Frida, cut a frame with a sizzix die and mounted Frida in the frame.  Then I made a mistake.  I gave her a good coating of glazing liquid and it definitely had an effect on the photo - it faded and ran just a squeak.  Next time I will seal the collage piece before applying the glaze.

After it was dry (or I thought it was dry) made another mistake by sticking the card under something on my desk which left a dent across the collage of Frida - so really the card is unusable - but a good first try.

This was the final result.  Next time I will try a few things a little differently.  I think the whole pile of scraps has great possibilities.

About six weeks ago I decided to go organic.  I'm still healing from a serious melt down, coming off heavy drugs on to a natural regime - so I figure anything I can do to speed things up will help.  A small organic grower has opened a shop in town and delivers every Saturday.  You can choose a small, medium, or large box of vegetables in season.  There are always some surprises.  Here's what was delivered today.

Always lots of greens which are not always easy to find here.  They cut the tops off their beets for example.  So I love that part.

Underneath the greens this week were fruits and vegetables in season.  The surprise?  A coconut.  I got two large glasses of coconut milk - it's in the fridge while I explore the possibilities of how to use it.  I look forward to my beautiful box of vegies every week.  They also have organic lamb, trout and chicken - sometimes shark or other types of fish.  Beautiful bread, cheeses, yogurt, and on and on.  I usually settle for my small box of vegies and perhaps some ground lamb or vegie burgers.  

No more news from Mexico for today.  Thanks for dropping by and having a look around.  Hope you had fun.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Wayne Gretzky
(always did have a soft spot for Wayne)

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