June 27, 2013

Guadalupe District Murals ...

Developing into a new and very hot art district, Guadalupe is coming up with all sorts of new ideas including art walks and graffiti type murals on the stone, brick and plastered walls. Not able to resist, Jackie invited me on another photo shoot which was really fun. Here are the photos. If you can hang on until the end you will be doing well.

This house has been here decorated like this for a long time.  Fits right in now.

AH!  You made it to the end.  Congrats.  It was a lovely afternoon out and fun to see all the new art.  Last night the three of us and Mario enjoyed our 'last supper' together.  Saturday morning EARLY, Jackie and Janis will be leaving for NOB, one to Florida, one to Philadelphia.  Don't know when they will be back, but already I am looking forward to their next journey.

Hope you enjoyed the 'tour'.  Thanks for dropping by.  Take care.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ~ 

Thomas Merton


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