June 23, 2013

Mexico Journal

I worked on the Mexico Journal most of the day, and am almost finished. A little foo fah here and there and it will be done. This is the chipboard shell Carolyn sent me to play with and sell at the market. Here are a few photos. It needs to be kicked up a notch, so perhaps I will do that tomorrow.

I've added water colour paper for painting or sketching, pockets for keeping notes, souvenirs, or photographs.  Need to add some note pages for writing, perhaps a little glitz and it will be done.  Thanks, Carolyn.  xo

I worked on my painting a little as well.

It's Sunday evening already.  Hope you had a lovely weekend.  There is still a chance to see the BIG moon tonight - not here though - it's cloudy.  Thanks for the visit and all your lovely comments.

and maybe a happy ending doesn't include the man you love, the family you care for, the friends you have had forever.  Maybe it's you on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself for something better in the future.  Maybe a happy ending is just moving on.


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