June 7, 2013

Two posts in one day ...

I'm doing two posts in one day, so if you have not already met "Sir Thomas" scroll down to the next post and have a lookie loo. Yesterday, as I said before, we spent a lovely day in the country, tasting wine, cheese, looking in markets and visiting a lovely town which I could not tell you the name of if I tried - and enjoyed a lovely lunch there.

It was Bob's birthday - however we will celebrate tomorrow at their home where I believe a LOT of cooking is going on! Back to yesterday and a few photos.

The beautiful grounds of the cheese factory.  Family owned, family run, absolutely all by hand.  No machine with a cord on the end in sight.

One of the most handsome holstein's I have ever seen!

Two ducks off for a swim in the pond.

Bunnies everywhere!

Bob felt the flower beds needed attention.

The antiquated cheese press.  Nothing but man power here.

Deep underground, in the cool cellars the cheese is aged.  Fascinating.

Our driver, Francisco, translates for us.

I thought the way the rounds were stacked was beautiful.

Is that not beautiful?

Some cheese formed round balls and hung from rag while it aged.

Oh goodie!  More animals - love those geese.

Cheese tasting time - then to the shop on a buying trip.

The winery window bars.  Fell in love.  Didn't take any more photos.  To busy tasting.

Stop in a gorgeous town for lunch.  Find a beautiful restaurant on the square.  

My lunch arrives!  OMG that shrimp was good!

A stroll through the mercado.  Tempting hats.

I want a horse!  O WAIT!  I'm scared stiff of horses!

Some of these beautiful panama's reminded me of my Papa.

The orange taxi's of where ever we were!

Hmmm....those are pretty ... just keep walking, Donna.

Oh crumbs!  For just a split second thought I was back in greece.

Look at that beautiful agave plant.  If you look closely on the ground - another bunny.

Suddenly it was over and we were back in San Miguel.  Beautiful Day, Great Company.  What more can one ask.  Thanks for popping in and making it to the end of the 'few' photos I was going to post.  Just couldn't help it. 


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