July 31, 2013

The beginning of a .....

re do. I've hauled an old Buxton Jewelry box full of art stuff around with me forever. I've been pondering lately, thinking about what could be done to dress it up. Today I began. It was gold with a cream velvet lining which was pretty beat up. I repainted the inside with Lumier paints (gold and silver) and lined the compartments with paper from the Luxury Stack. Keep in mind, nothing is complete yet. I'm thinking of running a string of small pearls down each side of the large compartments. We will see. The outside was covered with gesso, then a couple of coats of golden buff coloured paint. I then took a stencil brush and began to antique with TH antique linen then vintage photo, blending well in parts and leaving other spots untouched. When that was complete, I sprayed it with fixative.

So far I've made a couple of lace flowers with old earrings in the middle, added an angel picture, surrounded by flowers and applied Arlene's paper glaze. I mounted it on cardstock, cut it out yet again, and used pop dots to raise it off the surface of the box. That's as far as I got today, and to be honest I have no vision of where I'm headed with this.

Who knows what will happen next.  Thanks for dropping in - sorry there has been no sangria on the terrace lately - just not up to it.  We will soon be back to normal.  Take care.

“Art is literacy of the heart” ~Elliot Eisner


July 28, 2013

* Catching up ...

I've missed you! I've missed your beautiful blogs and your incredible imaginations and creative work. Hopefully this coming week I will be able to catch up to see what you've been up to. I have been - for me - incredibly ill. A kidney stone (believe me .... OUCH!) and an acute infection which really took me down. It seemed to take forever just to get the pain and nausea under control. I'm recovering. Don't know where my energy went though - still hunting.

Welcome to all the new creative souls who are joining me on the journey. Can't wait to meet you and your blogs. Just have to give me a little time. .... thanks. Have not done one thing since my last post. Today I made a card which I want to share with you. Also some incredible 'happy mail', which seemed to show up at just the right moment. The card is made out of scraps of material, which is really fun to work

Then I've had some great happy and birthday mail.  From my niece in Canada the following - LOVE the little padlocks.

I know the 'Wreck this Journal' is fun!  Can't wait to get into it.

Next, I got the most incredible box of goodies from Sandy at Simply Sandy!  Wow am I going to have a good time with this.

8" X 8" canvas's, plus a long narrow one, which will be fun!

AND .. a gorgeous canvas album with extra pages.  I've never had one of these before, so it will be an adventure.  Also burlap canvas, which is new to me.  And then - the most incredible red mole skin sketch book.  (Favorite colour RED!).  I'm in love.  Also some binding rings from 7 Gypsies and a gorgeous little bag in which to keep treasures.
Sandy ... thank you so very much!  I am truly overwhelmed and intend to have a wonderful time with each and every piece!

That's all for today.  Thanks so much for dropping by.  A thunder storm is beginning, so I will shut down the computer.  See you soon.

One of the greatest gifts a person can give another, is support.
In so many ways, the gifts above are full of support for me personally, for my art, for our friendship.  It's a good thing ... again thank you both.  It means a lot.

July 16, 2013


Before I get into my 'SEWN' class with May Ann Moss, I want to thank everyone who found me on the "Where Bloggers Create" hop and left such lovely comments. I've been ill with a kidney stone of all things - however, I'm so excited to welcome those of you who are joining me on the journey and I will be coming 'round for a visit as soon as I'm able.

When my blog crashed and couldn't be recovered, I lost so many of you and don't really know how to tell you where I am or how to reach you.  

Before the surprise visit from the Mr. Kidney Stone (must be male to cause you that much pain, right? ha ha), I made a small booklet of the patterned paper I had painted. I left the backsides blank and will try and fill the space with some creative lettering  which I want to practice.

Here's the completed booklet.  Now I will begin filling it with lettering.

Front Cover

First inside pages.  I do think the painting I did on the Mexican bark paper is my favorite. 

Lettering practice will fill the blank spaces.

Last pages.  I did put a couple of pockets in to stash 'stuff'.  Always fun.

I did a little lettering tonight - my first attempt - so be gentle (:i).

Thanks so much for dropping in.  Always my pleasure to get to know you and become part of my life.

“I do believe in fate, Anne-not the blind fate that gives one no freedom of choice, but a fate that sets down a pattern for each of our lives and gives us choices, numerous choices, by which to find that pattern and be happy.”
― Mary Balogh, Simply Love 


July 11, 2013

* Where Bloggers Create Party"

If you are anything like I am, you simply adore having a peek into other artists studios. Well, you have a great opportunity to do this Friday, July 12th, (tomorrow) by going to Karen Valentines' blog, "My Desert Cottage".  Just click here to join the party www.MyDesertCottage.blogspot.com

The point of the party is to share our creative spaces and I'd love to show you a little of mine.  First, let me tell you I live in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.  A beautiful old colonial city with history seeping from it's walls.  I will share with you one view of the city I adore, just to give you a 'feel' for it - then we will move on to my Studio.

I live in San Miguel de Allende, Gt. Mexico

with my dog named Habibi

... and we spend lots of our time, here, in the Studio.  When you walk in the door, you see the fireplace first.  Keeps us cozy in the winter.  To the right is my computer and printing station.
There is an en suite so I don't have to trundle downstairs.
I built so many windows when I built the house because I love the light, storage can be an issue.  Most of my storage is along this wall.
I do have a beautiful tin punched hand made cabinet which helps with storage.
I added my alter between the two bookcases.
At times it's messy!!!  Does yours get that way? 
I have a lovely spot for Habibi and I to relax on cooler days.
On warmer days, we find ourselves on the terrace just off the Studio.
... sometimes lingering with a glass of wine to enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Mainly I am a painter.

 However, I do stray off into book making, card making, art journaling, spirit dolls and spirit wands, book binding and other such flights of fancy as may delight me.  I enclose a few photos of my work.

Art Journaling

Book Making and decorating
Spirit dolls.  This particular one being "Spirit of the Sea"
Card making
Nicho Making (LOVE FRIDA)
Spirit wands
Honestly, I get into so much and so many different kinds of creating, I couldn't possibly list them all here - I would completely loose you.  I'm happy if you made it this far with me.

For your information, my blog, after four years of blogging, got locked down and was unretrievable.  Karen Valentine rescued me and did such great work, she was able to save the entire blog, in tact!  I am so very grateful.

So, my dears, naturally I lost all my followers, and if you are interested in my work at all, I'd love you to join me on the journey.  Just 'join this sight'.  I'd be honoured.

Can't wait to see all your creative spaces, to OOOOO and AWWWW and appreciate all the work and time spent to create a beautiful space to work.

Thanks so much for dropping by.  Hope you will stay and have a glass of sangria with me on the terrace.

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly. ~Lauren Bacall~

July 10, 2013

* We are B A C K!

And what a great feeling it is. After four years of blogging I was astounded to find out I could in fact lose my blog! Never mind, Karen Valentine of www.KarenValentineDesign.com, saved the day, and the blog is back to it's almost original state. I have lost all the old comments and of course those friends who were joining me on the journey. We will begin again.

 Meantime, I have been in summer school with Mary Ann Moss in SEWN - a class about playing with patterns. We've been having loads of fun. Here are some of the patterns I've created while fooling around with this entirely new medium.

India Ink on Ledger Paper

Craft paint on paper

Water colour crayons and opaque white water colour paint

India Ink on Water Colour Paper

Left over paint on scrap paper

Golden Acrylic paints on large water colour paper

Craft paint on Mexican Bark Paper made here in Mexico

Craft paint on Mexican Bark Paper

Craft paint, water colour crayons, india ink and opaque white water colour paint.  Fun Fun Fun.

We are making a book (of course), so this is preparation and layout before sewing.

Cover of the book sewn.  Yes, that's me at three, in my favorite navy blue cape, with red satin lining in the hood.

More to come as things progress on SEWN and I get caught up.

On Friday this week, there is a "Where Bloggers Create Party" (blog hop) at Karen Valentine's Desert Cottage blog.  Address:  http://www.mydesertcottage.com/

Do hope you will pop over there and have a look at all the creative spaces.  I'll be posting more tomorrow, giving you the link again and posting my own studio for you to have a look at.  I simply LOVE seeing other artists creative spaces.

So, for those of you who have found me again - thanks so much for the visit. Thank you for all your support and your emails.   We should be having a sangria party to celebrate!  Tell your friends please and lets get this blog rocking again.  Thanks.

“I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.” Anonymous