July 31, 2013

The beginning of a .....

re do. I've hauled an old Buxton Jewelry box full of art stuff around with me forever. I've been pondering lately, thinking about what could be done to dress it up. Today I began. It was gold with a cream velvet lining which was pretty beat up. I repainted the inside with Lumier paints (gold and silver) and lined the compartments with paper from the Luxury Stack. Keep in mind, nothing is complete yet. I'm thinking of running a string of small pearls down each side of the large compartments. We will see. The outside was covered with gesso, then a couple of coats of golden buff coloured paint. I then took a stencil brush and began to antique with TH antique linen then vintage photo, blending well in parts and leaving other spots untouched. When that was complete, I sprayed it with fixative.

So far I've made a couple of lace flowers with old earrings in the middle, added an angel picture, surrounded by flowers and applied Arlene's paper glaze. I mounted it on cardstock, cut it out yet again, and used pop dots to raise it off the surface of the box. That's as far as I got today, and to be honest I have no vision of where I'm headed with this.

Who knows what will happen next.  Thanks for dropping in - sorry there has been no sangria on the terrace lately - just not up to it.  We will soon be back to normal.  Take care.

“Art is literacy of the heart” ~Elliot Eisner



  1. This is beautiful, Donna. Looks like a true treasure chest now. What will you do with it once it's done? It could be an awesome gift! (to yourself or someone else. )

  2. Nice to see a post from you....hope this is a sign that you are doing better. I know your jewelry box will be beautiful when you are done.

  3. That's okay, I can't have the Sangria anymore anyway. So sad for me. I will be watching this transformation. It will be fun to see what you end up with!

  4. Looks like another beautiful beginning Donna. Love the lace and pearl flowers too! ~Diane

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  6. Beautiful ! Card arrived today, no rush on other part, I'm leaving for 2 weeks vacation :)

  7. What a lovely jewelry box Donna,
    I'm so sorry to read you've been ill.
    I've been away and just read your post
    I do hope your feeling better!
    Hugs Lynn