July 11, 2013

* Where Bloggers Create Party"

If you are anything like I am, you simply adore having a peek into other artists studios. Well, you have a great opportunity to do this Friday, July 12th, (tomorrow) by going to Karen Valentines' blog, "My Desert Cottage".  Just click here to join the party www.MyDesertCottage.blogspot.com

The point of the party is to share our creative spaces and I'd love to show you a little of mine.  First, let me tell you I live in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.  A beautiful old colonial city with history seeping from it's walls.  I will share with you one view of the city I adore, just to give you a 'feel' for it - then we will move on to my Studio.

I live in San Miguel de Allende, Gt. Mexico

with my dog named Habibi

... and we spend lots of our time, here, in the Studio.  When you walk in the door, you see the fireplace first.  Keeps us cozy in the winter.  To the right is my computer and printing station.
There is an en suite so I don't have to trundle downstairs.
I built so many windows when I built the house because I love the light, storage can be an issue.  Most of my storage is along this wall.
I do have a beautiful tin punched hand made cabinet which helps with storage.
I added my alter between the two bookcases.
At times it's messy!!!  Does yours get that way? 
I have a lovely spot for Habibi and I to relax on cooler days.
On warmer days, we find ourselves on the terrace just off the Studio.
... sometimes lingering with a glass of wine to enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Mainly I am a painter.

 However, I do stray off into book making, card making, art journaling, spirit dolls and spirit wands, book binding and other such flights of fancy as may delight me.  I enclose a few photos of my work.

Art Journaling

Book Making and decorating
Spirit dolls.  This particular one being "Spirit of the Sea"
Card making
Nicho Making (LOVE FRIDA)
Spirit wands
Honestly, I get into so much and so many different kinds of creating, I couldn't possibly list them all here - I would completely loose you.  I'm happy if you made it this far with me.

For your information, my blog, after four years of blogging, got locked down and was unretrievable.  Karen Valentine rescued me and did such great work, she was able to save the entire blog, in tact!  I am so very grateful.

So, my dears, naturally I lost all my followers, and if you are interested in my work at all, I'd love you to join me on the journey.  Just 'join this sight'.  I'd be honoured.

Can't wait to see all your creative spaces, to OOOOO and AWWWW and appreciate all the work and time spent to create a beautiful space to work.

Thanks so much for dropping by.  Hope you will stay and have a glass of sangria with me on the terrace.

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly. ~Lauren Bacall~


  1. What an inspiring and gorgeous space to create in Donna. So glad Karen got you back with us. I love all your work! hugs, ~Diane

  2. Beautiful place Donna, it all looks gorgeous! Valerie

  3. you live in such a colorful world and all your surroundings seem to be perfect inspiration for you wonderful talent!

  4. Oh, my friend . . . what a beautiful beautiful place to live in, to be inspired in, and to create in. The colors . . . breathtaking! I'm all about bright, vibrant colors - and your home and studio makes me smile - big time! So happy to meet you and get this peek into your wonderful creative life. (I'm so glad you were able to get your blog back . . . I can't imagine how upsetting it would be to lose it!!! Yikes!) Best wishes for a creative future for you!!!

  5. Your studio just absolutely warms my heart..... and so do your paintings.... I love color and you have it a million times over. Your handmade tin cabinet is adorable. Give Habibi a little snuggle for us! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful space! I will definitely be back!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the color in your studio! Mine is bright too. I loved peeking into your studio! What a lovely space you have to create in! And your paintings are beautiful! Thanks for the tour. Cheers from Singapore!

  7. Dear donna,
    So happy to see you up and running. I just adore your home, it shows what a creative soul you are. The colors are amazing, so bright and vibrant. Just like you! My favorite is the photo of your goddess wall, I do. So adore them!
    Take care my friend, gerri

  8. This was a lovely tour. Everything is so welcoming and cheerful. Your blue tiles are amazing and love the cabinet.

  9. love your creative space and your portraits are gorgeous!

  10. Donna, this is your best post ever. I love looking at all of your photos and your work areas. I never tire from the energy they reflect. The wall of your paintings is magnificent. I have a friend here in Idaho who also uses Karen for her blog design. I'm going to send her an email right now and make sure she visits your blog and posts her work and craft room for you to view on hers.

    Have a great week. It is a busy one or me as I prepare for my trip to California for a week and then back for Jim's surgery on the 30th.

    Love hugs,

  11. Love how colorful your space is, Donna! Your artwork looks great hanging on the walls in here, too. The colors are just so "happy" feeling! I'm sure you get lots of inspiration just from the area where you live. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi donna, im originally from Los Angeles, and love the spanish decor, all of it, loved looking at your space, just BEAUTIFUL! Im a colourful person and must have it around me at all times for inspiration! Im following you now, thank you for posting, completely enjoyed your post!!!!!! hugs and happy Sunday! kat =^.^=

  13. Hi, Donna ~ I'm a friend of Carolyn S. (she said I could drop her name) Your town and your 'happy' place are glorious! All that color much provide TONS of inspiration ~ thanks for letting me see it!

  14. Your work space is colourful and inspiring and a little furbaby to keep one company is always nice. I like your paintings as well as the other crafty things.
    It's scary how you can be working away and your blog (for me it was Facebook) is locked down. Hopefully a minor glitch but I can sympathize with the frustration.

  15. And jewelry... don't forget your wonderful jewelry! Your space could not be more inviting, and how blessed to have your great good friend Habibi to share it with.

  16. What a fantastic place you have. I love all of the colors. A beautiful place in which to create.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Hello Donna, Oh, San Miguel, Mexico. From what my sister and my daughter tell me, it is the loveliest place on earth. I have a husband that doesn't like to travel, so I do most of my traveling over the internet. I love your creative space and all of the bright and cheerful colors. Your paintings are amazing. My daughter purchased a painting from a local artist while she was there . . . when I visit her I'll have to check the name of the artist. I do know that San Miguel is the home of many artists, that is one of the things that makes is so appealing. The locals are warm and friendly people and most artists that I have met and also very warm people.
    Please visit my blog and enter my Give-A-Way. It is an Amazon.com gift card for $25 dollars, you can use it for art supplies, if you win.
    Have a lovely week,
    Your newest follower, Connie :)

  18. LOVE all the bright, vivid, beautiful colors of your creative space!!!.. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the painting with the elephant!!! Sorry to hear your blogger troubles, and glad to hear you were able to save it!!.. Nice to meet you! Thanks for the tour and sangria!!.. And I just made myself a follower! Have a great week ahead! ~tina

  19. I totally adore your space. Love all the bright colors and inspiration they bring. I think your home suits you very well. :) Wish I had a sense for decorating like this.

  20. Fantastic blog, Donna! Oh, what a pleasure it is to see your amazing studio and house! Love all of the bright, vibrant colors! And your artwork is absolutely stunning!!

  21. Oh Donna, how wonderful to see your art studio with all of the bright, vibrant colors! Heavenly!!! And your artwork is absolutely stunning, LOVE your paintings! Wow, looks like San Miguel has been an incredible inspiration for you! So fantastic to see! : )

  22. Hi Donna, what an amazing view, you are one lucky lady!!! Your studio is beautiful, love the vibrant bright colors in your art work! Thanks for sharing your truly amazing space!
    Have a great week!

  23. Donna your studio looks exactly like I pictured it would!!! It is so full of vibrant energy... just like you!!! I am so glad you were able to link up with us this year!
    Have a great week sweetie!!

  24. Tank you for sharing your space. It is so colorful it makes my heart sing. I also enjoyed the glimpse of where you live. Sue

  25. Love your space, its so vibrant and happy and of course the location is brilliant.
    Its great to see where other artists and crafters work, and yours was a great treat to see. And your art is very nice and I love the colours in them.

    Greetings from Canada!!!

  26. Wow, such a colourful joyous place you've created Donna! Your little pup is so cute, what a sweetie. Thank you for all the photos and tour - so great to visit from so far away! Your paintings are amazing!

  27. Love the color and the art and the terrace and an en suite - bathroom!!!! So glad I got to see your wonderful art and inspiring studio.

  28. Very hypnotic. Love your art and your wonderful colors. Thanks for sharing.


  29. bright, bold, and beautiful ! First of all I LOVE that green ceiling and the scalloped border at the top of your walls. I also love the terrace. But most of all I love your sweet Habibi. Your studio is so bright and sunny....I would never leave.
    So pass the sangria and hand me a paint brush... life is good !

  30. What a lovely studio and a beautiful city you live in. I can see why you are so creative. I love your artwork too. I think my favorite is the beautiful tile. I am now a follower. I hope you will visit and follow me too, this is my first year to joint WBC.

  31. I have heard so many wonderful things about your city! It's wonderful you draw so much inspiration from all around you. Such intricate artwork and use of color as well as in your studio. It's energetic!

  32. I love your colorful space, its to me very mexican, I have never been there but imagine that it is very colorful. Love habibi too, he looks like my zaccy.

  33. Amazing studio! I love the colorfulness, how you store your supplies and what you store them in. You're so very talented. You made your punched-tin cabinet yourself! That is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for an amazing tour.
    I didn't participate in this year's party, but I am having fun visiting everyone.