November 8, 2013

Paintings on the go and a couple nearly complete ....

Hello my lovely's. I know, I haven't been around to all your blogs and I do miss you. My life is a zoo -- like going from retirement to full time job - takes some adjusting to. Having said that, don't get me wrong - I am living my dream!

 Here are four paintings. The first two I have just begun - the other two are nearly complete. Have to wait for the paint to dry to decorate the Elephants and put the snow on "Mother Superior goes skiing.

Hope all is well with you.  Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comments.  



  1. Beautiful work. Love the flying carpets, could do with one of them myself! Take care, hugs, Valerie

  2. You have been painting up a storm; do you ever sleep? I like the new nun series and have never viewed one skiing so I favour the Mother Superior painting, Donna. How rewarding to do what you love and share the results with all of us.


  3. Your paintings are wonderful. So happy you are living your dream.

  4. You know I love your paintings Donna - I have followed you for a little while now. I am particularly fond of you Nun paintings. Oh what fun!!!!!

  5. Love the skiing nun too, such expression on her face! ~Diane

  6. So beautifull paintings - i love the elephants so much ;o)