November 17, 2013

Time is running away at break neck speed now. I don't want it to end. The bliss, the quiet, the sound of the waves which lull me to sleep. I've relaxed to the point of no return - lolly gagging around all day dong exactly as I please. I'm going to miss the pool, the beach, the fresh fish market at the dock. Our little 'oyster bar'. My old friend, Rudolfo, The walking, the silence, the dawn, the sun sets.  The soft blue colour of the mountains.

Today is the market at the marina.  Fun.  Beautiful yachts, friendly people. 

Don't want to let it slip away.  Keep it locked in a special box in my mind to open at will and remember.

Steps down to our palapa  - then the beach.

Our home away from home

Other homes along the beach

The marina

Fresh fish market at the marina - although it's more fun to buy them off the boats as they come in early in the morning.

Lobster - YUM

Some very nice yachts!

The fishing boats

Little kiosk at the dock which serves wonderful food.

Little restaurant in the village.  Obviously Canadian,

The zocolo
Ah yes.  I could get used to this.  A wonderful get away to relax and renew.  

Thanks for dropping by.  Always love seeing you here.

“If I look upon my whole life, I cannot think of another time when I felt more comfortable: when I had no worries, fears, or desires, when my life seemed as soft and lovely as lying inside a cocoon of rose silk.”
― Amy Tan  (well, I can really - but this is a close second!) 



  1. Beautiful pictures Donna - I do envy you this vacation. It all looks so grand and fresh fish - yum!

  2. It all looks wonderful.....I love the ocean and everything that is associated with it too. Continue to enjoy it all.

  3. It all looks so good - how the other half live! (Okay, don't hit me!) Glad you are having such a wonderful time! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Oh!! This looks like pure heaven! I am so glad you have the opportunity to enjoy this little vacation. Lucky you! Much love. xo

  5. Renewing old memories and creating new ones . . . truly magnificent with photos too! Thanks for sharing your magical vacation with all of us. You certainly deserved this trip and I couldn't be more pleased for you.

  6. How wonderful. Looks like a dream really. So happy that you are relaxing.

  7. Beautiful and refreshing! Enjoy your time away. I received my cards from the Fine Arts site, and they are wonderful. I'll enjoy sharing your art with some friends this Christmas- I got the Nuns Skating 1. The quality and size of the cards are very nice.

  8. Wow, how beautiful this all is, warms me to look at it too. Glad you are enjoying your time, you deserve it! ~Diane

  9. I am green with envy for sure. Love the photos WOW!

  10. What gorgeous photos, Donna! I would love to live there. :)

  11. Looks absolutely breathtaking Donna thanks for sharing all of those wonderful photographs looks amazing.