December 19, 2013

Before they are gone .....

I have hung some of my framed paintings in my home to enjoy before they are sold (hopefully). It's really a catch 22, of course I want them to sell, however, then again, they are sort of like my children and I am loath to let them go.

Toller said the other day, "We will make a video, you can talk about your work and we will film the paintings, because when they are sold you will never see them again." It did hit a spot in my heart. So much of myself is in every one.

So here is how it looks around here these days. I'm enjoying their presence and it will be lovely to have them for the holiday season.

I know I haven't been around to visit any of you!  I don't have a good excuse except I am feeling very overwhelmed.  Soon though ... soon.  Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop - I so appreciate your dropping by and love your comments.

"It's your place in the world, it's your life.  Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live."  ~ Mae Jemison  (First woman in space)



  1. Oh Donna - your art work is fabulous and your home looks just like you - elegant and beautiful!
    Merry Christmas dear heart!

  2. How lovely. They look so nice in your beautiful home.

  3. Beautiful paintings Donna and your home is beautiful too! I guess you will just have to get busy painting replacements for these children, for when they grow up and leave home. Merry Christmas Sweet friend. ~Diane

  4. Donna, we will miss viewing your paintings as well. Each one tells a story and reflects who you are and where you've been. The colors are bright and cheerful and at the moment they add to the magic of your home and studio. Thanks so much for taking the new photos for all of us to view.