January 11, 2014

A morning at Blairgowrie

In 2004/5 I spent nearly six months with my friends in Australia. We traveled and lived together in Europe and the bond has remained strong for 45 years! YIKES.

At any rate, we were staying at Jenny Wren's (term of endearment). I was sitting on the deck drinking a latte she had made me - Jen was hanging out the cloths. I grabbed my pencil and sketch book. A couple of weeks ago I was looking through that old journal and smiled them I came across the sketch. Too good not to paint, I thought --- here's the

Still makes me smile.  I'll be heading back to Australia late in 2014 as 'the girls' got together and are paying my air fare!  It was my surprise Christmas gift.  How lucky can one girl get. We are not getting any younger - so felt it was time for another reunion.  Can't wait.

The parrot and mate actually live at Blairgowrie.  Jen said there are still a pair of them there.

Thanks for popping by.  Hope this makes you smile as well.  Threat of frost this week here!  Cover plants.  Hot toddy's by the fire.

There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart. 



  1. Wonderful Donna, but I still want to know how you got a picture of my undies on the line! Hugs, Valerie

  2. You hav some amazing friends! Awesome news! :) And I love the painting. Happy New Year, Donna!

  3. I am so happy for you and how generous of your friends! I am sure you will have a wonderful visit. Love the painting and so sweet that it brings back such sweet memories for you too. Stay warm! Big hugs, ~Diane

  4. A wonderful post and a thrilling adventure to come. Your many friends love you lots! Well deserved too, Donna.


  5. I imagine it is not luck Donna but that you are a wonderful friend to have. Your talent is outstanding. Your humor irresistible. I have not written to you in so long but I do stay so far behind.
    I am watching you kid and I so hope you make some of your "sister" cards into Christmas cards. I those paintings!!!! I am not kidding you - I do think they would make fantastic Christmas cards. This painting is outstanding - I am so glad you decided to make it!

  6. Sorry for my late arrival please excuse my tardiness. Oh Donna what a lovely story and I'm pleased that you will have the chance to meet up again. Its one of my dreams to return to Australia its such a beautiful country . Your painting is amazing and full of humor and amazing color such joy. Thanks for making me smile.


  7. I love your story of the painting and so happy for you with your trip to Down Under....what wonderful friends you have....have fun on the trip.