January 7, 2014

Dance to the rhythm of the Universe ....

Well - basically, that's what she's telling me. It's easier, I know. I still find myself trying to control my life, do way to much at once, get stressed and overwhelmed, and suddenly remember - I have no control over anything except myself - so r e l a x and e n j o y. You would think I've have learned that by now, however, I have discovered there IS such a thing as an Artists' Temperament - so I have to have lots of little chats with myself to not get overwhelmed. Still easier said than done.

So ... as my latest Lady tells me, "Donna, it's so much easier to dance to the rhythm of the Universe instead of trying to control it. Agreed. She is so lovely and calm. You will notice the bird is presenting her with the music of the Universe.

Sorry, not such a good photo - sun wiggled it's way into the corner.

Thanks so much for coming by.  It's cold here today, so there will be no sangria served on the terrace.  Apologies of a cold wind.

“Organize yourself & bring rhythm to your life: Because you have things to do, habits to break, dreams to achieve, peace to discover and one life to live”
― V.V. Rao



  1. She looks lovely Donna, so much expression in her face too! We are feeling a wind chill of -37 here in Michigan, too cold to go outside, I will have a glass of Sangria to warm me up with my dinner though, ha ha! Big hugs, ~Diane

  2. She s wnderful Donna, just beautiful, she ke she is thinking deep thoughts. Take care, and have your drink at the fire side! Hugs, Valerie

  3. She is beautiful.....so lovely to look at. Have a little Sangria inside.

  4. She is wise and beautiful....with much to offer. I always love hearing what your goddesses have to teach us! How about a little hot toddy??

  5. She is the Queen of contentment :D XXX

  6. Hey Sugar - I think we are all guilty of trying to control our lives. I try my best to just go with the flow. This painting is divine - really speaks to serenity.

  7. I missed viewing this one, Donna. She is lovely and great advice for all of us.