February 10, 2014

Charity Auction Yesterday .....

The Charity Auction held yesterday in aid of Children's literacy through art, was an interesting ride. I won't go into the details. There were 120 pieces on the block. Mine was #56. A couple of friends came with me and we made it through the first 55, some of which did not sell. Mine ("The Listener"), sold which was wonderful. The Art Foundation received half the selling price, I receive the other half. I met the woman who purchased her, and "The Listener" is on her way to Washington, DC. It was nice to know she was going home with a very lovely lady.

Here is "The Listener" as you have probably forgotten which one she is.

"The Listener"

After that, we ran as fast as our little legs could carry us to the Luna Bar (roof bar on top of the Rosewood) to celebrate.  It felt sooooo good.  My friends were so lovely and supportive which means so much when you are beginning from scratch in a new town.

waiting for her new home

Celebrating at the Luna Bar

 more celebrating at the Luna Bar

Thanks so much for dropping by.  It means a lot, especially when I don't have time to get around to see you all.  Getting ready for Valentine's Day exhibition now!  Varnish, varnish and more varnish!

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”  ~ Rumi


  1. What a lucky lady to have one of your beautiful pieces!! I am lucky too, because your "Listener" is on a card which is hanging in my studio..... :-))

  2. How wonderful, Donna. Congratulations! This is just the beginning of things to come. I'm very happy for you.


  3. Great news, I am soooooooooooo proud of you!!! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Congratulations, what a beautiful piece too! Looks like you had fun celebrating too. ~Diane

  5. Oh!! How exciting! Of course she sold!! She is absolutely deliciously wonderful. Congratulations on your sale though! Do you miss her?

  6. There was never a doubt that your painting would not sell...it is so beautiful. Congratulations.. This is just the beginning of wonderful things for you.

  7. You look lovely Lady D :)
    Congratulations on your sale, there is so much more to come in your artful journey.


  8. Beautiful painting Donna - I am not one bit surprised. You have such glam and style. You really are pretty sugar. I am extremely happy that you have made good friends and have settled into your new home which is gorgeous by the way!!!!
    sandy xx