April 27, 2014

A little shading makes all the difference ... plus

a new piece on the easel. Re: Red Wing. It was suggested to me by a colleague that I might think about shading the angels dress - which, when I looked at it --- OF COURSE it needed it. I believe such a small thing can make such a huge difference.
Here she is before shading her dress:

and after shading - also darkened her hoofs.
Big difference, don't  you think.

As I said, I have a new piece on the easel.  I seem to be doing a series on Angels with Animals.  Not sure quite what to call it.  I think the next one will be an elephant with an angel.  Mean time - here is the block in of the camel (Love camels!)

I think she will be quite a lot of fun to do.

So that's about it for today my sweets.  It's getting hot and dusty here in San Miguel - so Sangria is a must.  :o)

Thanks for dropping by.  Thanks for all your lovely comments.  See you in blog land. 


  1. Love your latest paintings Dorothy, you are so talented. Annette x


  2. All your paintings are gorgeous, I love the Red wing and love the idea of a new series too. The camel looks handsome. Maybe The Angels love all Gods creatures or The Angels watch over all His creatures? What do I know anyway, lol! Enjoy a glass for me. Big hugs, ~Diane

  3. Yes, the shading adds a great touch, Donna. The camel looks a fun type, I love his roving eye! Have a good day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Love love love your Red Wing and all your paintings for that matter. They are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more. Have a glass of Sangria for me.

  5. I totally agree with Valerie - the shading really look great! It was just the touch this painting needed. Isn't it great to have such talented friends!!
    sandy xx

  6. The shading gave it the added umph, but your work is awesome in every form. I marvel at your talent every time.

  7. I'm loving these animal series of yours. It looks like you're painting animal spirit guides. :)

  8. How interesting to see the before and after photos- indeed the small change really did make a big difference. Even the angel's hair stands out in more detail now. That camel is the most contented looking creature! Looking forward to seeing more.

  9. I just love the whole idea of angels with animals! The possibilities are literally endless, don't you think? Love to see you happily creating (not to mention selling!!) Go, Donna!!