April 16, 2014

Two Important Men .....

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  •   Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Two important men

By Donna Parker
There are two important men in my life. One is Toller Cranston, who shares with me his knowledge, wisdom and incredible expertise of the painting world. However, this is not about Toller (shock and awe)! This is about a man named Ivan Padjen who hails from Chicago.
I fell in love with him the first day we met when I asked if he was a Buddhist. Not a sensual kind of love. It was a soulful love, which worked its way to the depths of my being. I knew we had met for purposes yet unknown.
Since then I have learned much from Ivan. I have come to know, respect and honor a very old soul upon this earth who possesses and shares the great wisdom he holds within.
The first time he saw my art he was deeply moved. I knew he valued my creativity more than I ever could at the time. Now I have come to cherish my own work, to have a deep knowing that I have found my life’s work, my purpose, and my way to give back the gifts I have been given.
During this trip to San Miguel, Ivan felt compelled to purchase 10 of my paintings. It shocked me. It stunned me. “Donna’s art represents the ages,” commented Ivan. “It makes me think, reflect, and allows the soul to smile. My spirit always feels refreshed after spending time with her works of art.”
Finally I was filled by an overwhelming gratefulness. The purchase was not about money. It was about the gift of learning that my work was appreciated and receiving the gift with grace and the love with which it was given. Ivan Padjen, has, over the time I have known him, changed my life. It’s important that you know, so too has Toller Cranston. I am a better person for having both these men in my life.

Donna Parker’s paintings were featured as part of the recent “Art and Influence” exhibit at the Toller Cranston Gallery. Parker also had a solo exhibition at Galeria Izamal, where some of her paintings are now on permanent display.

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Sometimes people come into your life for a moment, a day, or a lifetime. It matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life in that time.



  1. Congratulations Donna, I am happy you have not only found these 2 wonderful friends and influences, but also found yourself through them. Big hugs, ~Diane

  2. what a great, uplifting story! Brought tears to my eyes, let me tell you. I have met a few people as well who really seem to "get" my work and it is a wonderful thing... (unfortunately they haven't bought 10 of them though... but you're so right - it's NOT about the money.) So, so happy for you dear Donna!!

  3. Loved reading this Donna!
    Sandy xx