May 17, 2014

The 'imaginary' boquet of flowers ....

It was suggested to me I try an imaginary arrangement of flowers. So I thought - why not. I got a huge surprise. With no plan in mind whatsoever the painting just kept changing and evolving until it reached this point. I think it's finished. Not really sure if I like it or not. It's so very different for me - and I didn't really expect to see someone in a yoga position sitting in the vase! :o)

See what I mean?  

Thanks for coming over.  It's a beautiful day here.  Drinks on the terrace anyone? 


  1. this is fun Donna, love the colours, and the yoga figure. Drinks n the terrace sound like a good idea, I'll pop over. Will try to mail you, having a lot of problems with my mail! Big hugs,

  2. I like this one, Donna. Something different and very colorful. I would love to sit on your terrace and sip some wine.


  3. Bring out the Sangria and lets sit and admire this beauty of a painting! ~Diane

  4. WOW endly I have found you dear Donna. Thanks for your loyLty at my blogs and I couldn't answer. But this is great. I adore your work and go to see more on your blog. I missed so many beautiful work. This colorfulworkI likke it vvery m6ch. The flowers beautiful. Big hugs Marja

  5. Love your different but wonderful. And, of course, I would love a glass of Sangria while having a chat with you. Have a good week.