June 7, 2014

Left overs.....

Some recent  photos from this and that - here and there.

This is the piece I am currently working on.  I've been feeling so rotten, this is moving along at a snails pace - however it is moving.

Doesn't this photo make you want some?

My chipmunk look!

My OMG!  I'm really really being serenaded!

My casual look.  "Are there really Mariachi's behind me?"  I'll just pretend I don't notice.

Could have sat there all day.

Nothing like a sea of flowers


Main building of Mexico Cities University.  Constructed completely of Mexican stone.  Free education for all here.

Coyote district - the square.  Near Frida's house.

Honestly, one the only things I recognized - the monument to Mexican Independence.  It's been a long time since I frequented Mexico City - the high rises have taken over.  I really would have to spend some time there to get my bearings again.

Ros on Reforma - one of the main thoroughfares I actually knew where I was.

A huge, beautiful Tree of Life outside one of the museums.

So many celebrations ... weddings ....


In this beautiful old Church.

The cloisters

Dinner at my house the night we came home from DF.  Wendy is practicing her stunned look.  :o)

An enjoyable evening.
Thanks so much for coming by.  We seem to be drinking a lot of champagne (when I'm feeling up to it) -- so it's champagne on the terrace.  See you at 5:00 pm.

Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.
Frank Lloyd Wright



  1. Wow, Donna! I've been a bad blogger lately and am waaaaay behind! How fun to see this post, though, and pics of your travels! I have been clapping with excitement at your recent success and all the sales. So well deserved! Sorry you are not feeling well, hope by time you read this that you are well on the way to recovery. Sending hugs.....



  2. Fine, chill a glass for me, I'll be over for drinks! Wonderful photos Donna, so many beautiful views. Love the church, the flowers, the university building, Donna eating corn cobs - love it all. Your painting is coming along well, take your time, the camel will not run away from you. Hope you soon feel MUCH better! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Donna, what a thrill to view Mexico City via your photos; it certainly appears you showed Ros a great time. Looking forward to your new painting and had to chuckle at the "Donna trademark eye" of the camel. Hope you get to feeling tops again soon. You will need to take a week off to rest once your company has departed.


  4. Your painting is coming along beautifully, sorry you are not feeling 100% yet. That will take time, soon I am sure you will feel better. Looks like you showed your friend a beautiful time with all the lovely sights too. Take care and enjoy yourselves. ~Diane

  5. The tree of life invites a long look, and the church interior is quite amazing. The canal boats look so inviting. Enjoyed this armchair look at your travels. Do hope you'll be feeling better soon.