June 3, 2014

Ros discovers Toller ....

Growing up in Australia, not being a huge fan of figure skating or art Ros spent her grown up life working with the Australian Foreign Service (adventures you would not believe).   Ros was more than a little 'shocked' when I took her for a tour of just part of Tollers' home. I'm not sure she could have taken the entire building all at once. It was fun to watch. She did a lot of giggling and OMG'd ing.
The photos tell the tale.  It was fun.

Haven't had time to blog.  Have actually been sick as a dog, which has been no fun at all while Ros is here!  However, what can one do.  I'll try and get around to visit you all soon.  Take care and thanks so much for dropping by.

Angelo Bonati, CEO of watchmaker Officine Panerai: 
Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality.



  1. Wow, how could one not be OMG ing all throughout his beautiful home! So much color, beauty and originality, what an enchanting home! ~Diane

  2. Donna, I hope you are feeling much better. The visit of Toller's home was an experience all by itself. WOW! Inspiration galore in every photo. Amazing! Today's post is a special treat for all of us. I enjoyed it immensely. Take care.


  3. Toller's house is wonderful, as are the paintings he makes - I would love a tour, too.Sorry you have not been well! Take good care of yourself, dahlin! Hugs, Valerie

  4. I WANTS that house!!!!! :D XXX

  5. Color-drenched and spectacular! So sorry you've not been feeling well.

  6. One could easily feel as if one had entered another world in this home - Well since I am traveling backwards on your blog, I know you are feeling better! I told you not to eat all that corn!
    Sandy xx