July 23, 2014

Working on ......

Working on .....

I'll bet you didn't know there was a 'red angel' in charge of placing the moon and stars in the sky at dusk.  Big job, so of course she has helpers.  :o)

That's it for today.  Thanks for coming over.  See you soon.  Gotta run.  Getting ready for an art exhibition at the galeria on Saturday evening.  More on that when it hits the paper.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso


  1. You have painted so many wonderful things these past weeks, I am hugely impressed! Get some rest, too Dahlin! Hugs Valerie

  2. I am so excited for you, I am sure you and your stunning paintings will be a hit! Love the start of your Red Angel too. Big hugs, ~Diane

  3. Gorgeous Red Angel! Love her furry wings. And is that face / portrait also yours? I LOVE that one! She is a beauty!

  4. Angels are my thing and you paint them so beautifully, even red ones. What a wonderful and very special way to spend your birthday. The show will be magnificent and I couldn't be more happy for you doing what you love and so well too. Toller found a great artist to join him at his studio and what a trip it has been.