August 17, 2014

Hand made collage cards available ......

at Galleria Izamal, 80 Mesones, San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Mx. If you happen to be in town for a little break do drop in and see the art available. I've completed some hand made collage cards for sale, as well as a Christmas card.

First an example of the hand made collage cards:

 A Christmas card is available (I know it's early, however people are traveling) .... here it is.  Another shocking fact I read the other day - only 19 Fridays 'til Christmas!  Sheesh!  Where did the year go????

This is the sentiment inside.

Have just completed three paintings - must varnish - then they are ready for framing.  Will post soon.

Thanks for dropping by.  Love you all and your comments, your emails and the good vibes you send out into the world.

“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” ~Auguste Rodin
One of my favorite sculptures.  Takes my breath away.  Didn't know it I was going to survive being present in his house, amongst his work, in Paris.  Such a rare and glorious experience.


  1. Excellent on all counts Dorothy. The creativity is unique. - Jim

  2. Your hand made collage cards are superb Donna, really WON-DER-FUL! Big hugs, Valerie

  3. Your cards are marvelous Donna - as are you!
    sandy xx

  4. Beautiful cards Donna, love the Christmas Angel too, she is spectacular! ~Diane

  5. Gorgeous collage cards, Donna! I can't believe it's only 19 Friday until Christmas, where does the time go :)