September 28, 2015

In the Studio Today

Short post today, my sweets.  I must say it's lovely to hear from all my old blogging friends.  I would adore making new ones.  If you are so inclined to stay (and why not, may I ask?), please do so in the "join this site" on the side bar. It's easy.  My pleasure would be to have you along for the ride.  I lost my blog once .. due to "whatever" at blogger .. and with it 279 friends, whom had been with me for over three years.  It was a blow and, frankly, maddening!  So I'm beginning again ... some of my old friends have found me ... (love you), and as I said, why not stick around and become a friend.  I write about all sorts of things.  In particular, if you are interested in art, specifically, my art, ... yes ... please stay.  We will get to know each other.

Short post today.  Errands must be taken care of!  (B O R I  N G).  Someone has to do it.  Before Toller passed to the other side, he arranged to have my art, along with his, in a lovely restaurant in San Miguel, Hecho in Mexico.  I have met many people through that restaurant who are interested or have bought a piece of my art.  Such a gift.  Today, I must replace four paintings.  Sounds like nothing, but I need a man with a truck, and help to carry huge pieces and hang them.  The frames, which are wood with gold leaf, weigh a ton.  The larger pieces, I couldn't possibly carry.  That's no. 1.  Then the bank, then groceries, then mail, then ............... you know how it goes.

In the past my interest in painting flowers has been minimal, so thought I would give it a try.  A couple of pieces have emerged I quite like.  We shall see where it takes me from here.  Hope you enjoy them.

"The Sound of Silence" oil on canvas, 31" X 31" framed, gold leaf

"Here Comes The Sun" oil on canvas, 32" X 37" framed, gold leaf

That's it for today, my lovelies.  Hope you are making yourself an amazing day.  Don't forget to enjoy the moment.  

“What day is it?"
It's today," squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day," said Pooh.”

A.A. Milne


  1. I love the idea of it being today! That quote is super. Your flower paintings are wonderful, especially the sun flowers which I so love. I love to walk past the sunflower field by the Rhine. Sounds like your day will be busy, enjoy it, and hope you get everything on your list done. Take care of yourself Sweetie, hugs, Valerie

  2. OMG Donna Your flowers are out of this world gorgeous -- so you and yet so different. Do you have any idea how wonderful you flower paintings are!!?!!
    I know you miss your friend - it seem like you had a very special bond between two kindred spirits.
    I am still hating you have to move.
    I want you to think about having your Nun paintings made into Christmas cards - or special greeting winter cards. They sure are delightful!
    I will follow you where ever you go kid. I can't be much of an artistic inspiration - I might make you laugh now and then but I know I can be a good friend!
    Sandy xx

  3. Dearest Donna,
    Thanks for coming over and visiting my poor neglected blog and leaving such sweet comments. I think most of the reason I have been missing in action is that my social media of choice these days is Instagram and, secondarily, facebook. It's faster and easier and I have many lovely friends over there.... but I do miss the opportunity to write in more depth from time to time, so I will try to do an occasional post without putting a lot of pressure on myself! Glad you are back because not only can the writing be so therapeutic, but the support can be invaluable.....

    I have so loved all you have shared these last few years. Not only all the details of your colorful life there in Mexico, to the point where I almost feel I have visited myself, but the thoughts, insights and dreams from your heart. You have so many gifts! These newest paintings are delicious!! So glad we have been able to stay in touch through all the ups and downs.....

  4. Here comes the sun . . . bright and full of cheer. Just what we all need, Donna. I love the flowers in your photos, in vases in your casa and now on canvas. The paintings are beautiful and will make a big hit if they are included on the walls at the restaurant.