September 28, 2015

Truth Well Out ....

I also suppose I had better bring you up to date on the latest news on the personal front.  I am moving back to Canada!!  No choice.  My health has major issues and private insurance has skyrocketed due to the fall of the Canadian dollar.  It is with sad heart I leave Mexico for I have fallen deeply in love with her.  However, the decision has been made, and I'm ready to move forward.  All I need now, is ONE buyer to purchase my home and I'm off!  (just a little ... lol)

I've been here almost six years.  It's been a wonderful adventure.  Now a new one will begin.  I'm posting the listing for my house, just in case.  Also, thought you might like to have a peek.  Built it from scratch, designed it myself and watched construction every day to make sure all was done correctly.  It was a blast.  I would do it again in a minute.

Pop over HERE to have a lookie.

Vancouver Island in Canada will be my home ... the Cowichan Valley, Duncan to be exact.  I've lived there before and like it.  After all, Vancouver Island is the warmest place in Canada ... where else is there???

A few photos of my little abode, "Quinta de Luz" (House of Light) ... just for fun.  You won't see these on the listing.

Sunsets from the upstairs terrace.

 Soirees in my sunken jardin ... Salvador always comes to sing.

 Twirling is always good ....

 Good food with good friends ...

A little dancing ....

 My family of Mourning Doves who have lived here for 5 years.  I shall miss them.

A little BBQ now and then ...

 Entertaining dear friends ... always a pleasure

Love my little dining room

 more great friends

A quiet jardin to relax, read, visit or just enjoy the sun.

So that's the news from San Miguel for today.  Hope you all have an amazing day.  Thanks so much for dropping by.  So love seeing you.

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
  ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


  1. I am sorry you are giving up your beautiful little home in Mexico, and I know how much it means to you Sweetie. But your health has to take priority, and I am sure your new place in Canada will be soon just as beautiful when you are in it and have worked your special Donna Magic. Take care of yourself, and have a good day, love and hugs,


  2. All the best to you. I can imagine those 6 years have flown past. Now on to new ventures.

  3. Oh dear heart - this home will not be the same without you -- a fabulous home Donna and you can tell it was meant for you and your wonderful art work. You have such a neat personality and flair plus your very special style of art- it will not take you long to settle back in. I know you will always miss this lifestyle - and beautifully designed home with its colors. I would buy it in a heart beat except for one problem -- I cannot do stairs. That is why we left the mountains for a small one floor house on Amelia Island. I will follow you where ever you go -- you just have to let us know!!!!
    Sandy xx

  4. I am so sorry that you have to leave your beautiful home in Mexico. I wish you nothing but the best in your new home in Canada. I will be sending you an email shortly. Hugs my friend.

  5. Sorry to hear you are leaving your little piece of paradise but very happy to hear you are coming to the Island. Hopefully we can meet, I'm in Victoria!

    1. Hi Yvonne ... are you REALLY in Victoria?! For some reason I thought you were in Vancouver. Meeting definitely on the agenda ... excited already! xo