October 29, 2015

An interesting conversation

I wasn't going to blog today, however I had such an interesting conversation last evening,  and have changed my mind.  

Let's call my friend "Sir J" and I will refer to myself as "Lady D".  We went to college together some fifty years ago (Yikes!) and have remained close friends ever since.  Sir J is a published writer.  His creative talents are many. 

After a couple of hours on the phone, we hung up.  We talked about spending some time together and going back to our old college for a day,  just to remember.  We boarded there.  It was co-ed.  Ahead of it's time for those years in Canada.  Alone once again, I began to think and wrote him this letter.
Title:  "OK, here's whats going to happen ..." 

"Sir J … when I get back and get settled — I am going to fly in and stay with you for a few days.  I have enough points.  You in turn are going to look after my every need because I don’t have a dime to my name.  In turn, I will bring you a painting of your choice from what is left in inventory. 

We are going to have FUN.  We are going to talk about old times.  We are going to talk philosophy.  We are going to talk about writing and art and about being happy within ourselves.  We are going to go to College and spend a day …. we are going to …… what do you want to do????"

Sir J's response:

When you want to do this, you must tell me...

And I will be ready. I would love! to do this!

And you shall meet my children! And we will, if you wish… do whatever we want to do… and you can stay as long as you like.

Let us do this!

Your every need will be met.

How many needs do you have?
HA! HA!  The "How many needs do you have?" got to me.  This was my response. 
"Not sexual needs.  (although .... hmmmm)  I require intelligent conversation of considerable depth, good food eaten in incredible company, gracious surroundings, a comfortable chair.  I require laughter, interesting entertainment, a drive in the country .. pausing along the way for a very strong coffee, a lovely view to clear my head, great music.  I need you to read me a story.  I need to hear what is important to you and what you want to accomplish.  I need to hear your values, what you love about yourself, and which areas you would like to see growth. I need to see the very depth of your soul.  I need to hear your version of why you have been given the gift of time on earth, and what you still want to accomplish for YOU... not for anyone else.  I need to hear what gifts you wish to give yourself.  I need to hear your pain and your joy.  I need to hear what you have learned from your success and your mistakes.  I need to hear what direction you are headed in .. What your passions are and why.  there's more ...  
For my part, I need to bare my soul, to tell you my deepest secrets.  I need you to listen with no judgement. I need long walks by the river.  I need the comfortable silence that exists between us (from time to time).  Oh wait ... there's more.  We will discuss this later, you are probably on overwhelm.   ..... xo Lady D.  PS:  I require excellent booze.  lol" 
We've decided to make this a priority.  Both looking forward to it with fond anticipation. Many things have to occur before this takes place ... however, take place it will. 
Thanks for dropping by today.  Your company is always appreciated.  Enjoy the moment ... it's the only one we've got.
“A woman or man of value doesn’t love you because of what he or she wants you to be or do for them. He or she loves you because your combined souls understand one another, complements each other, and make sense above any other person in this world. You each share a part of their soul's mirror and see each other’s light reflected in it clearly. You can easily speak from the heart and feel safe doing so. Both of you have been traveling a parallel road your entire life. Without each other's presence, you feel like an old friend or family member was lost. It bothers you, not because you have given it too much meaning, but because God did. This is the type of person you don't have to fight for because you can't get rid of them and your heart doesn't want them to leave anyways.”
~ Shannon L. Alder

October 27, 2015

First the poem then the painting

Hello my lovelies.  Hope all is well in your world.
For some reason, I write mostly during the dark times.  It's a release, and often I feel an immediate lift from emotional darkness.  Not often does a painting accompany the writing.  This time it did, so I will share both. 

it fell upon her like a shroud.
The familiar pain
the emptiness
the nothingness.
The Autumn wind blew
and cut hard into her skin.
Her soul whined
and winced as she fought to stand tall.
Once more
she stood alone
in the vastness of the field
staring at an empty horizon.
The wheat groaned
as it bowed to honour
her brokenness
"You will heal" it whispered ...
"You will heal"
~ Donna Parker

Immediately after I had penned this, I was summoned to pick up my paint brush.  I had no idea why.  It moved as though someone else was holding it.  Soon an image appeared.

"Home"  oil on canvas  sold

Have a magical day.  Thanks for dropping in.  Enjoy the moment.

“When you have nobody you can make a cup of tea for, when nobody needs you, that's when I think life is over.”
~ Audrey Hepburn

October 26, 2015

A little bit of mail art ....

My Lovelies!  You are here.  How great is this.  Love it when you just drop in!  :o)

Mail art and pen pals have not been a part of my creative life for a very long time.  Just didn't have the energy ... now, I beginning to realize why.

The other issues about sending letters was mail situation .. a lot of it did not get to its destination.  Going back to Canada for a little while as you know.  Did a couple of envelopes today to send via Canada Post and hope to have a great outcome!  Enjoyed spiffing up the envelopes.  Will write the letters when I get there.

That's it for today from my studio in San Miguel.  Thanks for dropping by.  Enjoy the moment.

“How wonderful it is to be able to write someone a letter! To feel like conveying your thoughts to a person, to sit at your desk and pick up a pen, to put your thoughts into words like this is truly marvelous.” 

~ Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

October 25, 2015

Last few days on the Mexican coast

Greeting my lovelies.  So many of my old friends have popped in to say hi through this blog.  What fun.  Thank you!!

Our last few days on the coast was spent in Puerto Vallarta, an old haunt of mine.  It has changed over the past 35 years, however has not lost it's charm.  We hardly left the hotel, luxuriating in the opulence that was offered us.  Some of the best sushi I have ever eaten was in a restaurant in that hotel.  Who would have guessed.  It will be a very very long time before I experience this again. Perhaps never. 
We swam, we drank, we ate, we talked and talked, we enjoyed the luxury of it all.

Suddenly, it was time to return to SMA.  Back to 'home' for me.  Back to new magic for AM.  Three weeks lay ahead of us.  AM loved the old colonial town.  We delighted in each others' company.

So take care, my pretty's.  Enjoy the moment.

“Love is a luxury. It's something that people are allowed to indulge in when they're not simply trying to survive and keep other people alive.”
~ Julianna Baggott, Fuse 

October 24, 2015

Bliss and the side effects thereof

Hello my lovelies.  Today I will again take you with me down memory lane. Memories so treasured, I don't want to forget.

During the next month, which was spent in Bucerias, we whiled away the hours full of such pleasure and delight,  that time slipped away like a dream half remembered upon awakening.  We shared the secrets of our lives from the last ten years.  The ones you don't mention during a skype call.  We spilled our joys and our sorrows into each others laps and welcomed them with love and unconditional acceptance.  We swam, walked the beach, ate out, ate in, spent time at favorite restaurants getting to know the owners, basked in the company of old friends, purchased native art, were welcomed at the market with open arms, and enjoyed the warmth, music and easy happiness of the Mexican people.

Don't get me wrong ... it was bliss, however sometimes one needs more than bliss.  One needs purpose.  AM joined a gym ... she was missing the physical movement of the classes she taught in Australia.  I longed for some paints. We journeyed into Puerto Vallarta to an art shop my friend had recommended, and corrected the situation. Of course could not resist the huge market located there.  Once again, both of us comfortable with our lives, we carried on with the day to day bliss of life.

Spent time with Rodolfo, an old and dear friend of 35 years, falling easily into the old familiar easiness of our relationship, which is so comfortable between us, no matter how much time has passed since our last meeting.  In the process of moving to Bali, we both felt honoured to spend some time together before what could be a permanent separation.  And so .... the bliss continued.  Days slipped through our fingers like liquid silver, and there were moments which found us checking the calendar to bring us back into what we acknowledge as time.

We chose a healthy liquid diet of sangria, rum and coconut milk, margaritas, fruit juice, and downed copious amounts of fresh limonada.  Near by fishing villages were fascinating and we dined on fresh fish caught that morning, enjoyed the ambiance of the tropics, and the coziness of our surroundings.  Each morning, we awoke to the presence of our guardian iguana, being disappointed if she was not in her usual place.

All too soon, it was time to return to Puerto Vallarta for a couple of days before heading back to San Miguel where we would spend another three weeks together.  Time ... we couldn't seem to slow it down.  Always on the move, it disappears like night into the dawn.  We treasured every moment.

A little more tomorrow.  Thanks so much for dropping by.  Enjoy each and every moment.

Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words.

~George Eliot

An amazing seven weeks of pure fun and relaxation.

At the time of my birth, my Mama was amazed to find a small ticket to Europe in my hand.  Having never seen that sort of omen before, she was a little alarmed.  I knew what it was all about.  The stork had dropped me off on the wrong continent!

Canada has never been my true home ... not the home of my heart.  So over the years, I have roamed and run away looking for some depth, some rich layers of history and culture, a place where I felt embraced and accepted.

I secretly planned to leave for Europe as soon as I possibly could and in the late 60's announced just that.  I tried to recruit a number of friends, however to no avail.  My Mama was horrified.  I put an ad in the paper for a traveling partner and off I went with an Aussie.  Long story ... a journey which took me from New York to Athens on the then Italian Line luxury liner "The Christoforo Columbo".  I promised to be home in three months and begged "Just let me get it out of my system!"  

The point of this story is that during the three years I spent in Europe, I ended up, for a substantial period of time, living in London with a group of women (could we be called that then??)  from Australia.  We became family, have had reunions, visited each other, skype regularly, and they remain, after 45 years, some of the dearest and most loved people in my life.

This year, Ann May (or AM as we call her), came to spend seven weeks with me here in Mexico.  We spent a month on the west coast in the small fishing village (Bucerias) close to Puerto Vallarta.  Such an amazing time.   For the sake of posterity, I will do a couple posts.  Hope you will enjoy the photos.
I took the bus from SMA to PV and met AM the next day at the airport .... it had been 10 years since we were all together in Australia. 

Excitement was high.  I spent the first night at an exquisite hotel alone.  Awoke at dawn to view the mist over the ocean and the world coming alive.  Every bit of tension I was holding in my body instantly left.  It's amazing what being beside the sea does for me.  I sat on my balcony with a cup of coffee and relished the moment.

Later that morning, I went to the airport to meet AM.  It was a heartfelt reunion.

The next morning we slept in, enjoyed lunch on the balcony delighting in each other's company and prepared to leave for Bucerias, where we had accommodation by the sea for a month.  

 Our beach.

And almost better still, our pool.  Literally five steps from our casita we enjoyed this opulance every day. With no other occupants in our small complex, we had the luxury of skinny dipping.

That was the beginning of a very treasured seven weeks.  More tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping over.  Enjoy the moment.

“Work is not always required. There is such a thing as sacred idleness.”
~ George MacDonald