October 4, 2015

Celebrating San Miguel (St. Michael) ...

The Patrol Saint of San Miguel de Allende, is of course, St. Michael -- the great Arch Angel who can handle anything.  This is the weekend to celebrate, and celebrate we do.  Were you aware that San Miguel has more Fiestas than any other city in Mexico!  I'm going to miss that energy.

Fireworks thundered most of the night ... not a night for sleeping.  Parades, bands, worship services, dancing in the streets, colorful costumes ... you name it ... it's here.  Thought you might like to see a few photos.  They are not mine.  Photo credits go to Steven Miller for the daytime parade, Scott Umstattd for the fabulous fireworks shot, and Eduardo Soria Cruz for the night time activity in the main jardin.  Nine hundred horses and riders also rode into town today.  Sorry, I don't have any photos of that.  Let me just say, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, like a Mexican riding a horse .. they were born to it.

"Little Angels'

My favorite is still the fireworks. I have always adored fireworks ... can't get enough of them, so I must be in the right spot!  As you can see from the photos, they build them the 'old fashioned' way.  I'm absolutely in love with the fireworks shot taken by Scott.   I think it catches the essence of the city and it's people.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little of San Miguel ... by the way ... sangria is on ... :o)  Hope you are all well and happy my lovelies.  Thanks for dropping by.  

Arch Angel Michael -- the protector.


  1. Wonderful photos, I'll take a large Sangria please, perhaps a few nuts as well....Looks like a fantastic celebration, they sure know how to party! Have lovely day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Beautiful pictures Donna - believe me, if I had the $$, I would buy your home in a heart beat and lend it out to all my wonderful friends who enjoy the arts so much to visit now and then. There is an old saying "if wishes were horses beggars would ride".
    I remember when we first started emailing - you were still new to the area. Not only are you one talented lady but a smart cookie too!
    Sandy xx

  3. Fabulous photos, Donna. Their costumes are so elegant and very detailed;what a joy to view. Thanks for sharing them with us. For me. A margarita please.Hugs,

  4. Wow, the costumes and colours are unbelievable. What a fun, happy time it must be.