October 14, 2015

Journal Building .. in a smaller fashion

There you are my lovelies.  Hope you are all making yourselves an amazing day.

While searching my already packed boxes (all labeled 'art supplies'), I came across some 7Gypsies covers.  Thought I would play with one of those today.

I won't go through the procedure again, as it was rather a long post yesterday.  Today, I did the same thing .. including the mistakes I made yesterday!  SHEESH!  I papered the inside covers yet again before gluing the signatures in.  Alas .. will I never learn.  It's fun to learn something each time you make a new one.  For instance, I would likely use a softer coloured ink, in keeping with the colours of the cover.  I find the black quite harsh.  There are four signatures in this one, with eight pages each.

It's a cute little journal and was fun to make ... here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.  :o)

Love the butterflies on the cover - so tried to carry that theme through the journal.  The size is 5 1/2" X 7"
 When I discovered I had papered the inside cover before I should have, I shortened the first page so you could see some of the paper and added a butterfly.

 Used turquoise waxed linen thread and added another butterfly.

 This page has a fold out flap.  You can write on the inside, or do something more exciting.

 Covered this page with butterfly paper, added an envelope with a tag inside and used my butterfly stamp.

 Also found some small cabinet cards, so inserted one here on a home made hinge. 

A photograph can be inserted from both sides.

 I also shortened the last page, so some of the lovely paper would show.  Stamped a butterfly and a little sign that says "Handmade .. Because You're Worth It"

The binding looks like this.  Chose to keep the ribbon under the covers so you could still enjoy the butterflies.

 Back of Journal .... complete.

That's it for today, from the beautiful hill town of San Miguel de Allende.  Take care, thanks for dropping by, and enjoy the moment.

Creativity is just connecting things.  When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something.  It seemed obvious to them after a while.  That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things.  ~ Steve Jobs


  1. Love this one too. It's completely different to yesterday's, but with so much to see and many lovely details. I had to laugh at you making the same mistake as the day before, don't we all! Every time I use my bind-it-all I get one of the covers upside down, and have to do it again....we are creatures of habit! Love the addition of the envelope and the cabinet card. You inspired me to work on a journal yesterday too, so thanks for that! Have a lovely day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Ah, yes, pretty, pretty! The cabinet card is such a nice touch, and the butterfly theme appealing. Again, I'm impressed with how quickly you achieve these beautiful results.

  3. You are so productive Donna and I am really attracted to home bound journals. There is something so old and romantic about them. Really like the way you changed them up!
    sandy xx