October 3, 2015

Short Post ....

Hello my Lovlies.  Just a short note today.  It's been a busy past couple of days.  Had some lovely company for a visit.  Carole and Stanley have known Toller for years, and traditionally stayed in one of his casitas when they came down for visits.  Our paths never crossed during Toller's life time.  Strange what circumstances bring people together.  Enjoyed their visit so much and do hope our paths will cross again.

 Carole and me

Carole, Stanley and me

House showing today.  I spent the morning spiffing up the place and left before the client and my agent arrived at noon.  Picked up my friend Pat, we did some errands and ended up at Hecho in Mexico for a long leisurely lunch.  Didn't leave the premises until 4:00 pm!  Love those kinds of days.  Also wandered through a small market down the street - nothing exciting.
It was late afternoon by the time I arrived home.  Not good news, I'm afraid.  The client loved the house, but felt it was too far to walk to centro.  Alas.  The waiting game is challenging.

Yesterday, I applied a soft brownish glaze to the flower painting - only on the walls.  I think it makes the flowers, window etc. pop a little and blends the 'old paint' on the walls.  Mission complete.
"Waltz of the Flowers" 37" X 37" oil on canvas, gold leaf frame

I was playing around with pastels tonight - using Holbein.  Do any of you work in pastel?  I haven't played with them for years, (except in my art journals) and wasn't to happy with the result, however it was fun.  I've run out of canvas (Yikes) so had to do something tonight.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll go to the art shop and stock up.

The result of my playing around follows ... will probably end up in the waste basket. 

Although I adore the impressionists, I don't think it's for me!  Toller once said to me, "Donna you have found your voice, and it's a good one.  Use it and don't concern yourself with trying to find another .. it will make you hoarse."  (In other words, it will only confuse you.) I think it's true.  It took me a long time to find my artistic expression, it's unique,  and exploring other styles really doesn't serve me well, other than to waste time.  Think I'll stick with the voice I'm happy with. It took me many years to find my own unique true expression - why would I tamper with that??  (she asks herself!)

It's late and I'm tired.  Ready to crawl into bed.  I'll say goodnight for now.  May you all be well and happy my lovelies.  Thanks for dropping by.
"If you refuse to trust yourself and your inner voice, you will never come into existence with the type of dreams you wish for."


  1. Well, what you call a short post, I call a nice, long one! Love the photos of you with your friends, but sorry that the lady was not interested in buying your lovely house. Your flower painting has gained a lot by the addition of the darker glaze, LOVE it. And your pastel work is beautiful, definitely not for the bin. I like using pastels, although they do make a lot of mess. You have really found your style, so as Toller said, stick to it! Have a great day Sweetie,
    hugs, Valerie

  2. It's wonderful being able to keep up with you again. The flower painting you are working on looks great - the first time I saw it, it looked like stormy skies through the window - now not so much. I really love your pastel piece - I think it is truly grand and I am NOT blowing smoke!!!!!! I sure do hope you do more pastels - do not throw them in the bin and definitely look into etsy.
    Those people should reconsider - walking is good for the body and the soul. Just look at how much Valerie walks every day!!!
    You look great Donna and as I said I really do love your style!
    Sandy xx

  3. It's always a joy to meet new friends who have so much in common with you. I'm sure they enjoyed your company too based on the photos. I'm with Toller...stay with your unique art style. I did like the first painting of the flowers but the second one just isn't you. Enjoy tomorrow...I'm very late signing in today.

    1. I so agree with you about 'style' Carolyn! Why fool around. Thanks for dropping by. :o)

  4. Donna, I don't generally use pastels, myself, as they are, well, dusty, and having asthma, i don't want the dust in my lungs. However, that said, I had a wonderful watercolor teacher here in Sequim who also uses watercolor as a basis for laying a bit of pastels over, to make them pop. Or to add an opaque overlay that can't be done with yet another layer of watercolor. Sunshine bringing out the surface of a field of ripe grasses, for instance, can be rubbed over a watercolor patch of dark the shadows beneath them. So love your work, by the way!