November 20, 2015

Slow but Sure ....

Hello my Lovelies.  So great to see and hear from you. 

We've had a couple of lovely days full of sunshine and a 'little' warmth.  Working on the house.  The electrician is coming this week to put some switches and plugs back where they are needed after we demolished the walls.  The plaster is on the walls now - although not in these photos.  Yup!  Getting on with it.

 Watching the gulls from a chair in the sun.  The salmon are running up the creek where they will lay their eggs and die.  Ah!  The cycles of life. The gulls are getting hungry.

 My new electrician.  Will be doing the wiring this week. 

 Making progress.

Ray.  My rock through this episode.

Take care.  Thanks for dropping by and leaving your great comments.  Means a lot to me.  Enjoy the moment.

(about my house in Mexico.  "Quinta de la Luz")
“This house sheltered me, I spoke, I loved within those walls. That was yesterday. To-day I pass on, I see it no more, and I am different, changed in some infinitesimal way. I can never be quite the same again.”
~ Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca


  1. Ah, progress! So nice to have that lovely and refreshing pond view when you need to remove yourself from the chaos.

  2. Great to see that progress is being made. That electrician looks good, oh my! I think he would get anyone wired! Glad that he weather is being kind to you and that you have good folk at your side. Take care Sweetie, hugs, Valerie