December 26, 2015

This, That and the other ....

Hello my lovelies.  Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
Survived Christmas!  YEAH!  Ray was my first dinner guest.  Always good luck.  We had Christmas Eve dinner here.  I did my best, with what I had to create a little 'Christmas Spirit'.
Sneaking a look at his phone when he thinks I'm not looking.  :o)

 My little 'decorated' table.

I did receive a few Christmas gifts which was fun.  Some lovely decorations for my tree next year, some big snowflakes (not shown), gorgeous candle holders and new warm socks!

Before Christmas I was frequenting the thrift shops to find the essentials so survive until my own things arrive.  One great find was a cast iron frying pan.  Unfortunately the cast iron rod was still there, however the handle was missing.  Ray to the rescue.  I left it with him for the afternoon and this is what he did for me.  Now it's a very special frying pan.

Don't you just love it??

That's all for today my sweets.  Have a wonderful Boxing Day, whatever you may be doing.  and remember ... Enjoy the moment.  

“Extraordinary magic is woven through ordinary life. Look around!”
~ Amy Leight Mercree


  1. So glad you managed to make yourself a merry little Christmas. Love those candlesticks, and you are doing a great job of making nice surrounding with the things you have. So sweet of Ray to make you a personal pan, never seen one like that before! Take care and look after yourself Sweetie, hugs, Valerie

  2. Hello Donna, fun to see your Christmas presents. Love the candle holders and great fix on the frying pan, nice one, Ray.

  3. Glad you had a little company Donna. I am thinking of you often. Much love, sweet person. xxoo

  4. It is wonderful to see you settling in Donna -- you have such a good friend there too! There is nothing better than to be able to cook with cast iron. I am here to wish you a very good 2016 - please let us know how you are doing???!!!
    Sandy xx

  5. Perfect magic quote and your Ray certainly performed some magic on your cast iron skillet ♥
    Thank you for sharing your Christmas joy.

  6. Looks like you had made yourself a merry little Christmas Donna!
    Happy New Year!