January 6, 2016

Cayman Islands Winter Wonderland

Greetings my Lovelies.  I'm getting to know some new friends who visit ... how lovely.

In 1992 I was privileged to spend a year on Grand Cayman.  Winter Wonderland indeed!  Of course not a drop of snow, the sea as blue as I have ever seen, and sand so white, when a sandman is built, it vaguely reminds you that snow does exist somewhere on the planet.  They may not have snow at Christmas, however the people of the Cayman Islands certainly know how to celebrate.  It was another very magical time in my life.  The Cayman Islands are still a British Overseas Territory, complete with a Governor.  At the time the Governor's wife took an energetic ride on her white horse, up and down Seven Mile Beach each morning.  It is said the biggest decision the people ever had to make on Cayman Brac (the smallest of the three Islands) was whether or not to wear shoes for an official visit by the Governor.  I like those kinds of big decisions.

The Islands have an interesting a settlement history.  From a Pirate hiding place, to the Irish, to those fleeing the Spanish Inquisition, to Slaves. Many of the little cottages on the Island were built as slave quarters and have since then been restored into gorgeous retreats.  In 2004, Hurricane Ivan made a direct hit, which caused tremendous damage although I believe only two lives were lost.  I know it put a very large insurance company into bankruptcy.  As most of you will know, the Caymans' are a tax free haven and famous for their banking industry.  Once blessed with a huge sea turtle population, they are now almost extinct.  In an attempt to restore the population there is a huge turtle farm where eggs are hatched, grown and returned to the sea.  I was able to hold a sea turtle ... thrill.  Some of the best BBQ ribs I've ever had ... Rum Point.

I fell in love with the small cottages and have attempted to reproduce one in a quick sketch.  They are traditionally painted in pastel colours.  I am linking to Art Journal Journey.

A very unsuccessful attempt to show you the beauty of the cottages.

Thanks so much for dropping by.  It's exiting to read your comments.  Enjoy the moment.

"Medicine Heals the Body, the Ocean Heals the Soul"


  1. Wonderful --- that must be an enchanting place in the Caribbean. I would love to see it or to spend time there. Happy Donna that you have been visited so many places! Your sketch is wonderful - I love this cottage on the shore!
    Thank you for all the ideas to the winter wonderland theme. Great!
    Happy day Donna!

  2. Your sketch is beautiful, I would like to spend some time there right now! That would be a wonder(land)! Have a great day, have fun, hugs, Valerie
    And of course, thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey!

  3. Wonderful happy page Donna and I needed something to remind me that the brightness and sun are around in other parts of the world while we seem to have day after day of rain.

    Thank you for another wonderful entry at Art Journal Journey

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. I don't know if this was unsuccessful. I can certainly get the feel for a winter day on the island. Love the interesting little story too! Hugs!

  5. It's pouring with rain and a cold and grey day here on the East Coast (UK) so I am cheered up by seeing your glorious artwork Donna. What a wonderful place to have experienced, I can almost hear the water lapping gently on the sand.
    Have a great day......... Gill x

  6. Not only is your artwork always a pleasure to see, your writing is also very captivating, Donna!


  7. Lovely as always. You have led an interesting life with friends world wide. What fun to recapture those moments on your pages. You should write a book, Donna.

  8. Interesting background. I visited Grand Cayman one time on a cruise and took a little tour. It was not long after the hurricane, and rebuilding was taking place. But the seven mile beach was beautiful. Your pink cottage is inviting!

  9. What a small world Donna - a long time ago when my son was probably around 12 (he is now 50) we spent a week on little Cayman -- At that time there were no people living there. There was one other house owned by a movie star and I cannot remember his name other than he played The Penguin in a Bat Man Movie. The man who owned the home we rented lived in Asheville, North Carolina where we lived at the time. The home came with a cook/house keeper, a manager and his son. The son took my son out spear fishing everyday. We had what they caught for dinner most of the time. We had a fish fry on the South end of the island that was really good for swimming. That is where I came face to face with my first (and last) barracuda - one ugly looking fish and big!! I almost drowned getting back to shore - he scared me to death! We went to one place off the island for snorkeling and could see 200 feet down. It is supposed to be the best snorkeling in the world. My family really enjoyed our one week stay there. It would really be fun to go to Grand Cayman. How odd - where we live now was once occupied by Pirates and even flew a pirate flag. We also have sea turtles here and a group of volunteers that help protect the egg nests - keep count of the eggs. I might end up doing that. A really pretty painting to help remember time spent there.
    Sandy xx

  10. With all the rain and gloom in the UK this looks like a perfect winter paradise. its a beautiful journal page.

  11. It's wonderful Lady D. So vivid. I love the Islands (of course).

    xxo & Happy New Year!

  12. What a fascinating life you lead ...
    I was hanging on every word.
    Love your beach cottage which puts winter wonderland into a new and exciting perspective.
    Happy beginning of the weekend dear Donna oxo

  13. A whole year in the Caymans. How lovely.
    The picture is perfect. It captures warmth and simplicity.

  14. you should not say unsuccessful about this painting... i love the Vibrant Colors and everything... and it makes me longing for an ocean, i have None hereby...

  15. lovely vibrant island colours

    Dorothy, i'm happy you dropped by my blog today

    much love...

  16. Awww your lil cottage is so inviting, I would immediatelly move in, haha :) I can feel the warmth of the sun ...such beautiful art ♥ Conny http://piaromsartjournaling.blogspot.de

  17. Your colourful sketch makes me want to pack a bag and go off on holiday to somewhere warm. We had snow today so you're cottage looks very inviting.
    Have a wonderful week

  18. I loved the palm trees. Very nice :)