January 26, 2016

House sold ...

Click on the above link - That will take you there.  Sangria is on!!!
Next post from Mexico.  


  1. For you and the stress I am so glad that your house sold. For me I shed a tear because I wanted it so badly I could spit. For you I shed another tear because this home is so you and so beautiful! Such a talented artist and a beautiful woman!
    Sandy xx

  2. For me it is a sad day seeing la casa change hands. Everything in it is a part of the Donna we have loved, followed and admired. However, life is always changing and changes are also good. Donna. I know you will bloom in Canada as you did inSMA. You are faced with a new challenge and being a strong and determined woman, you will be happy and hold memories close to guide your future in Canada.

  3. Oh WOW!
    What a gorgeous home...
    I took the tour more than once :-)
    Your beautiful artwork brings such beauty and vibrancy to every inch of the space.
    Very best wishes dear Donna oxo

  4. Happy that it is sold, but I know how sad you must be to leave such a beautiful place, thinking of you! Hugs, Valerie