January 8, 2016

Mother Superior Goes Skiing ...

Good Day my Lovelies.  Welcome to my musings.

Sharing "Fallen Sister" with you yesterday has propelled me to share more of the series - at least a couple more, of "The Red Mitt Gang".  

For those of you to which this makes no sense at all, please refer to yesterday's post where I explain how this series of "The Red Mitt Gang" began and how much fun it was to do it.  I have used a copy of this painting in my art journal which is still in my home in Mexico.  While Mother Superior careens down the hill on her red ski's, the nuns are skate/dancing to wild music on the rink below.  She looks quite pleased. Linking to Art Journal Journey.

This was a large painting .. perhaps 52" X 40" .. oil on canvas.  Sold

Thanks so much for dropping by.  I'm loving your comments.  Hope you are having a lovely Saturday.  It's a gray day here on the west coast, however I think it's going to stay dry.  Do something you love today and enjoy the moment.
"I sometimes think I was born to live up to my name.  How could I be anything else but what I am having been named Madonna?  I would either have ended up a nun or this!"
~Madonna Ciccone



  1. Mother Superios seems to be a skiing ace - lol!
    Lovely painting dear Donna!
    Thank you for sharing with us at Art Journal Journey!!!
    I wonder if there is more art of the sporty nuns....would like to see more.
    Have a great day!

  2. What a fun painting, Mother Superior looks very determined, so hope she doesn't land on her posterior! Have a wonderful day Donna, HUGS, Valerie

  3. I absolutely love your sense of humor and this wonderful painting!

  4. Fantastic to be able to see more of this wonderful series. It all seems sort of fun and serene all at the same time.

    Thank you so much for sharing them at AJJ

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. A fabulous fun piece, Mother Superior looks like she is having the time of her life on those skis.

  6. Perfect quote for your wonderful sisters frolicking in the snow.
    Really lovely Donna!

  7. Ha-ha- the is also great! I shows you have such a fun sense of humor...I wonder if Mother Superior would ski in her habit? Hugs!

  8. Big, big smile I my face - you know I remember these ladies well!
    Sandy xx

  9. Love it such fun and great colours