January 7, 2016

Winter with the Nuns ...

Another brand new day, my Lovelies.  Hope it was or is a good one for you all.

When I was about ten years old, I spent many months in the hospital.  It was a catholic hospital, and not being catholic myself, I was absolutely mezmerized by the nurses in white flowing gowns, long to the floor, floating in and out of my room.  Fall turned to winter, and as I grew stronger I was able to get out of bed.  Looking out my window one night, I discovered the nuns had a skating rink, complete with lights and music.  I was glued.  My head propped in my hands, my elbows on the window sill, I could sit and observe for as long as they skated.  It was the first time I realized nuns could have real fun.  Beautiful music blared from loud speakers while they careened around the rink, playing whip lash, dancing, helping others to learn how to skate, falling, laughing, and singing along with the music.  When I couldn't see their skates, I would imagine they were somehow magically floating on air.

One day, while painting with Toller, I was telling him about my experience.  "You have to paint that, Donna!  You have to!".  And so, came to the canvas my 'Red Mitt Gang" series. The one I share with you today is called "Fallen Sister", oil on canvas, 48" X 36" without the frame, by Donna Parker.  I am linking to Art Journal Journey, and Paint Party Friday.   I've printed most of my paintings and installed them somewhere in my art journals ... so I think this is 'legal'.  If you aren't already involved, why not put a piece on one of these sites.  It's fun and I'd love to see your work.

Sold.  Now at home in Texas
Thanks for dropping by, I really appreciate it.  Loved your story about the Caymans, Sandy.  Nancy, I was wondering if they took you to Rum point?

That's all for today from the foggy West Coast of Canada.  One of the only things we cannot save is time ... so enjoy the moment.  They are fleeting.

“As if on cue, Fiona appeared in another of the ballroom's multiple doorways. 'Beatrice! Oliver! How many times have I told you no skating in the house? I just had these floors refinished.'
'So that's why it's extra slippery today,' mused Oliver. 'Cool.”
~ Jennifer Sturman, And Then Everything Unraveled


  1. Welcome again to Winter Wonderland at Art Journal Journey Donna.

    I am really enjoying seeing your work and this piece is si much fun with a great story attached to it as well. Thank you for sharing this with us

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. I love your nuns Donna, they are really beautiful and a great story, too. Thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  3. This is a lovely piece, and I enjoyed the backstory, too.

  4. What a lovely story to this amazing painting Donna! Thanks a lot for sharing this with us at
    Art Journal Journey!
    Wishing a good start of the weekend!
    Sending sun to the foggy westcoast of Canada to you - as we have sun today.
    Our district here where I live is often called the Austrian Canada since we have so many trees here and a rough climate.

  5. what a wonderful story and painting of it too! Congrats on the sale also!

  6. This is tremendous art. You have caught the nuns skating and slipping so well, the whole picture is alive. Love the falling snow too, very atmospheric.

  7. Fallen Sister !
    How absolutely wonderful.
    When I was a very young girl I would wrap a white bath towel around my head and pretend I was a nun. I recovered from that notion not too many years later ;-)
    There IS something about a uniform I always find.
    Thank you for sharing precious memories along with your art.

  8. lovely painting my experience of nuns was not so good

  9. lovely painting my experience of nuns was not so good

  10. Now just how many times have I told you that I love your "Nun" paintings. For some reason I did not know that you called them the "Red Mitt Gang". I don't know if I saw this painting or not and I certainly do not remember you naming it the "Fallen Sister". I covet those painting Donna - didn't you do some of skiing Nuns too? I wish you would make a whole art journal of Nuns at play. Oh how I love that painting. Lucky Texans!
    sandy xx

  11. A beautiful painting, the nuns skating made me smile, thank you for sharing the story.

  12. Oh my goodness, I thought the end of the story was that you woke up from a dream. Skating nuns! That is totally and wonderfully terrific as an idea, and even moreso in your painting!

  13. I too covet this painting. Yes, lucky Texans indeed. What a fabulous piece of art. And the story is marvelous. I hope you are keeping all of these stories safe somewhere, Donna. They are treasures. Thank you!
    Edye XO

  14. What a fantastic story and this painting really reflects the joy the scene brought you. Fantastic piece! Hugs!